7 Ways To Complain About Your Flight PROPERLY, Don’t Take Actions That Will Make You Regret

7 Ways To Complain About Your Flight PROPERLY

Complaints cannot be avoided because certain circumstances do happen. When passengers complain, airlines do listen to identify the problem and improve their services so they can serve the passengers at its best and be the winner in airline industry competition.

Depending on the complaint, you as the passenger have the right to be treated very well. You surely know that going berserk will not solve your complaints. Here are the proper ways to complain about your flight:

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1. Reporting a rude manager at check-in counter

If he or she looks at your passport and have said that you cannot travel because of a few detached strings on your passport and other small things, just politely reason out that you are allowed to travel. If the manager berates you and directly calls the embassy of your destination country, don’t speak politely anymore. Take a picture or video of that manager but wait! Don’t post it on social media like Facebook YouTube or Twitter. Just report it to the airport authorities and contact the airline’s main headquarters.  (This is based on a true to life complaint story of a mother sending her sick son to another country for medical purpose)

2. Reporting an impolite attendant

If you have encountered a discriminative and impolite attendant inside a plane. Know his or her name and tell this to the airline personnel when you arrive at the airport so they will know how to improve the ethics of the whole staff.

3. Do not berate the staff

Bring your important things including medicines as a carry-on. If your baggage was lost, ask the staff about the status of this. Do not shout or berate the staff. Yes, you have the right to complain but please you do not have a right to degrade others. If you have a travel insurance and your baggage is included in it, talk with the airline management on how you will be compensated on the lost baggage.

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4. Calm down

Your temper have reached the boiling point but please calm down. You cannot think right if you will blow yourself up. You will get sick if you put too much stress to yourself

5. Give the airline a chance first

Airlines have guidelines and discretions to solve complaints and incidents. For your demands for compensation, let them negotiate with you first. Before complaining this to the national and global air travel authorities, you should give them a chance to fix your problem.

6. When stranded or plane’s arrival is late, demand for meals arrangement

If you are stranded because of the airline’s negligence, demand for meals and hotel arrangement. If in case there is no plane yet on the supposedly time of departure, ask the crew about the reason for this and wait patiently then, complain if you did not reach your supposedly meeting or reservation.

7. If the airline still cannot help you, file a complaint

If the personnel cannot solve your problem at the airport, file a complaint to the airline’s main headquarters. Take note the time, date, employees involved and the personnel you have talked with regarding the incident. Better if you let yourself and they sign forms that you both recognize this incident.

Keep all your documents such as tickets, passes, baggage stubs and receipts so you will know the right cost of compensation. Also keep receipts of the accidental or baggage expenses you will incur.

Call and write a 1-2 page formal letter to the airline’s main headquarters. Let them know about the incident. Also, write your suggestions or things that you want the airline to do to improve its operations. You have to include about your losses. Be sure that your demands are reasonable so they can possibly give you compensation as soon as they can. Don’t let your anger consume you, just write in polite but stern tone so the airline will know what you really want before taking an action.

If they still ignore you, try sending the complaint to the air travel regulatory board in your country. Whether it’s a moral damage such as not letting you ride a plane or having other complaints that made you become traumatized, you must file a case to the court.

If budget to you is no issue as long as you are hoping to be given justice, try to have a sponsored post on Twitter and Facebook. Promote the incident until it reaches the authorities and make a faster action to your complaint. (Based on a true story of a businessman promoting his Twitter post until it reaches to the ears of the airline’s upper management)

If you complain properly, things will go smoothly since the airline will be willing to help you. Your life does not only revolve about the complaint. You have to focus on other things to develop yourself and be out of despair.

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