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8 Pros And Cons Of All-Inclusive Travel, That They Might Not Tell You

all inclusive travel vacation

You are now planning for your trip. You saw a travel agency, hotel or lodge offering an all-inclusive vacation. Of course you will grab it because you will just pay all and will not have to worry about planning and budgeting your whole trip. It is really convenient especially if you have your children or grandparents with you. But, think again. Weigh first the pros and cons of having an all-inclusive vacation package.

all inclusive travel vacation

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1. PRO: You can stick with your budget and enjoy freebies

Normally all-inclusive travel package offer free breakfast buffet. You will just wake up and enjoy all the food all you can. Take and eat any food but remember, be ethical in getting food. Don’t get too many of these and don’t waste resources.

You can enjoy all the amenities and accommodations without spending time asking and calculating your budget. For water activities, just give the ticket and off you go enjoying snorkeling, riding a banana boat, etc.

What you pay for the all-inclusive travel is all the budget you have to release. You will just have to bring extra money for souvenirs, tips and emergencies.

2. CON: Ask what it really includes

Some all-inclusive packages will not include all amenities and you have to pay directly to the hotel if you want to use these. Others will include a specific tourist place but the entrance is not really included. Worst, even if you plan to pay for the entrance, they will not allow you because you have limited time.

For example, the package includes Window of the World as destination but if you inquire further about this, you will be surprised that you cannot enter this place and no entrance fee is included.

3. PRO: No need to rent a vehicle

You will not encounter drivers that will charge you high prices. No need to wait for the public transportation or going to long lines just to buy train tickets. The hotel or agency will just pick you up and you can go back and forth in between places.

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

4. CON: You will have to search for the driver

You will be lucky if the driver is very reliable and can wait you on the near spots. If the driver is the type that you have to search for him, your itinerary will be disorganized. It is a hassle to ride a taxi or any public transportation to get to places. Your tour may become shorter. You will get irritated complaining about your trip.

5. PRO: Tour guide

The guide or interpreter will give you all the information about the places. This person will be the one to talk with the locals so you do not need to do signs and gestures for the locals to understand you. The guide will also be the one who will assist you on your entrance to tourist places.

6. CON: They are hiding something

The tour guide may say another point of view of the place’s history just to please you. For example: The spot was occupied by Country A and many were killed that time. If tourists coming from Country A are visiting the place, the tour guide will just say the soldiers of Country A are ordered by (name of the leader) and they have no choice but to conquer and help the people there.

Going to other places will be restrictive and they do not want you to go to other souvenir shops were the prices of goods are really lower. They want you to shop to their partner establishments.

If you really want to have a cheap alternative but you are included on your friend’s all-in travel package, just buy 1-2 items during the tour. In the morning or night, just go to well-known sale and market places and haggle prices.

7. Pro: Feel safer

The travel agency will surely bring you to safe areas where scams and fraud are minimal. You have your own transportation and no need to deal with rude taxi drivers and store vendors.

8. Con: You cannot get away

You cannot wake up or leave the place anytime you want. You have to take note of the time and place of the meeting.

All-inclusive vacation is a heaven sent to busy people but make sure that what it includes is what you have really agreed. Pay attention and research about the package and the company who is offering this. Ask your loved ones about their travel recommendations and have a wonderful

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