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9 Life-saving Tips To Survive A Plane Crash, And How To Get Out Alive

how to survive a plane crash

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With the recent airplane accidents and crashes we heard on the news, we cannot avoid to worry about plane crashes during our flights. Of all the flights, it is very rare that airplane crash happens.  Still, you have to be aware on how to survive a flight. You might be saved if you know these tips. Be ready and prepared so you will know what you will do if this happens.

1. Book seats near the plane’s exit points and know the arrangement.

If possible, book seats near the exit. Aside from this, seats near the aisle can also be a good option. When you are now inside the plane, know the seating arrangement and all exit points such as knowing the number of rows so you can easily get out.  You have to prepare for plan B exit as well. Also, book your toddler a seat instead of carrying him or her on your lap.

2. Listen and read safety guidelines.

Ladies and Gentlemen! We will have a dance number from the Cebu Pacific dancing flight attendants! Okay kidding aside. I just remember the Cebu Pacific flight attendants dancing while they are demonstrating safety measures. Pay attention to the flight attendants’ safety guidelines demo. Read and understand the plane safety guide on your seats. Also, know where the vests are placed. Depending on the situation, don’t wait for orders. Trust your sense and know what to do.

how to survive a plane crash

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3. Wear your favorite outfit later!

Wearing fashionable clothes is really helpful while you are in the immigration but before your flight departure, take off your heels or your loose and big shirts and bling-blings. Don’t wear flip-plops that are too flat on the bottom causing you to slip while running on flat surfaces. You can wear strapped sandals or closed shoes. For laced shoes, be sure that it is laced-up.

Wear clothes that greatly fit for you. If possible, wear pants to lessen wounds during accidents. Do not wear loose clothing as it may be snagged on plane obstacles. Also, don’t wear long stockings because you might stock out of the plane slide. Avoid synthetic fabrics as it will melt on your skin if fire and heat occurs.

4. Practice unbuckling and getting out of your seatbelt.

Before the plane gets off. Buckle your seatbelts and try to unbuckle it again. If you have a child or a senior citizen with you, try to also practice unbuckling his/her seatbelt. While the airplane do the emergency landing, do not unbuckle your seatbelt yet. Don’t worry, this seatbelts are designed to protect you and withstand the landing impact. Just unbuckle this if you will be getting out.

5. Know how and when to use the things.

When landing on or jumping on the water. Don’t inflate your vest until you are outside the plane. Wear the oxygen mask first as soon as it drops before assisting others. You will add more to the casualties if you think of saving others first before yourself. It’s like rushing your own death by entering the building during earthquake instead of waiting for the time where the earthquake and its aftershock finishes before saving the survivors.

brace position

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6. Don’t forget to do the correct brace position.

You might wonder why do you have to do the brace position. You have to do this to lessen your head injuries during an impact. A severe head injury will lead to permanent disability or death.

If the seat in front of you is close enough, place there your stronger hand then, put your other hand on top of the stronger hand (palms down). Don’t lace your fingers. Then, rest your forehead on top of these. You might wonder again why cannot I just lay my hands and rest my head. The answer for this is, you have to do this procedure to protect your stronger hand and use it to unbuckle your seatbelts and open the exit door. Doing this procedure is better than getting both of your hands injured.

You can also do the other way. Rest your head on the seat in front of you, lace your fingers behind you head, while doing this, tuck your upper arms against the sides of your head.

If you have a big space between you and the seat in front, seat upright, keep your feet flat on the ground, get your head and chest against your legs, and grasp your legs until ankles. Keep your face down and don’t turn sideways.

Your luggage must be under the seat so it will not block your position. It is not recommended to use pillow and blankets as cushions for brace position because it increases the chance of impact injuries and these things will just clutter the plane aisle during evacuation.

7. Use a moist cloth when fire occurs.

Just like a fire in the house, you should use a damped cloth and cover your mouth to avoid suffocation by smoke. Use water to damp your cloth. If no choice, it is acceptable to use your urine.

8. Be extra vigilant during the first 3 and last 8 minutes.

As flight experts and plane crash investigators say, nearly 80% of plane crashes occur at the first 3 minutes of take-off and 8 minutes before the landing. During this time, envision your plan on how you will apply safety measures and get out of the plane. But for the rest, you just need to stay alert.

9. Forget your belongings and be civilized.

When you evacuate the plane. Save your lives first and forget your belongings. The plane might explode or sink anytime soon. Don’t push others and remain calm but alert. If the plane lands on the ground, get out and stay at least as far as 500 feet from the plane so rescuers can still see you and at the same time you will not include yourself on the plane explosion. If on water, remove unnecessary items and shoes, inflate your life vest then slide or dive. Swim as far from the plane. After that, you can now find ways to seek help.

You might notice that there are no parachutes on the plane, parachutes are not ideal on passenger flights because many will panic and parachutes may intertwine or interlace with others which will lead to more number of deaths. Enjoy and hope for your safe flight!

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