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9 Practical Tips to Plan Destination Weddings on a Budget

Destination Wedding Tips

Accepted that engagement ring with a resounding YES? You might are very excited for the big day to come especially that you can already plan for your destination wedding. Wearing your dream bridal dress, in your dream place with all the people you love is just a dream come true! And you might want to hasten the time to end your long wait.

Destination Wedding Tips

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The thing is, to realize your dream wedding, there is a huge deal of planning and preparation involved. Every detail must be creatively thought of, not to mention that you have to highly consider the amount you are willing to spend for the entire event. Destination weddings can be very expensive, but this is not a big deal if you both have saved money long enough for a lavish celebration. Yet, if you are a bride who wants to take things practically and save some of your budget for future use, we got you 9 creative tips to plan your destination wedding on a budget.

1. Plan ahead.

Planning ahead is vital to ensure that your destination wedding will not be infested with unwanted complications especially with the guests. Think outside the box, there are so many ways that can lessen the spending but not sacrificing the best details of your most awaited day.

2. Think DIY.

Destination Wedding DIY Favors

DIY Wedding Favors.
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DIY stands for do-it-yourself. From your wedding invitations, wedding favors, accessories, and more, there are plenty of wedding ideas you can find online and in magazines. You can save a lot by buying materials then assembling them yourself. This may require you some effort, but it is a wonderful way to give your wedding more of your personal touch.

3. Organize.

First thing first applies well in planning your destination wedding. You have to list your priorities and accomplish the areas with utmost importance. Destination wedding requires travel, confirm your guests in advance and book your transportation and accommodations ahead. Advanced bookings will lessen ticket costs so you can allocate your money to other essential details.

4. Recruit friends.

It’s your wedding, and many of your friends would be more than willing to assist you in planning. Use their strengths. You can have your bouquet arranged by a friend rather than hiring a florist.

5. Skip the bridesmaids.

If you wanted to cut your wedding budget big time, you may consider not having bridesmaids but one maid-of-honor instead. This will save your from spending on custom-made dresses and florals for bouquets.

6. Limit the guests.

Wedding Invites - Destination Weddings on a Budget

Wedding Invites
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While you would want to invite all of your officemates and friends to your destination wedding, this may be difficult since it will involve travel. Make your day exclusive for people who matters to you and your partner the most.

With a few people on the guest list, it will be easier for you to attend to them and ensure that they are having a good time on the destination of your choice.

7. Schedule it off-peak.

Traveling off-peak gives you a chance to get the most affordable deals for accommodation and transportation. It will be best to hold your reception and ceremony in a single spot. This will save you from extra travel costs, and time and effort for your guests.

8. Be creative with your flowers and decors.

To get the feel of your destination, plan your wedding in a theme that showcases its beauty. Flowers and decor gets a huge chunk in your budget so you have to set them up creatively to minimize cost. Use local flowers in season and include non-florals like paper lanterns in your decoration.

9. Prepare local food.

Travel gives us a chance to experience a new place, its culture, and its food. Make the most of your destination wedding by making it a meaningful travel and food experience for your guests. Choose a main course that highlights the local produce and add some locally grown veggies, fruits, and berries in your menu list. Fresh and seasonal items in the area are great picks for a healthy and delectable feast!

Having a destination wedding does not require you to spend a fortune. Efficient planning, knowing how to prioritize, and implementing a few budget-saving tricks can give your guests a memorable travel experience as they agree to witness your wedding in a far off place.

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