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9 Ways to Enjoy Spain Without Hurting Your Pocket

Spain Vacation

Spain is an excellent country with outstanding tourist attractions. With its friendly people, and long list of delectable food, it is undeniably one of the favourite tourist destination of many travelers from all over the world.

Spain Vacation

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You will never go wrong if you are planning to visit Spain, from food to destinations, to festivals there are so many that the country has to offer, each awating for you to discover. However, it it is a limited budget that prevents you from visiting this lovely country, here are some tips of budgeting your money wisely while enjoying your vacation in Spain.

1. Know the country and language.

Having an idea about the country will give you an edge as you travel. Researching before going could benefit a lot. You don’t need to learn the entire Spanish tongue to travel comfortably tough. Take note of the greetings, the phrases you need to remember when asking questions. In any travel around the world, knowing even a bit of the language will save you from being take advantage of especially when getting in public transportation.

Bring a Spanish pocket dictionary, it could be a lifesaver at times!

2. Book your flight in advance.

Some airlines offer great fare deals for advanced booking. Plan your travel wisely and save the most of your budget by getting cheap flights. One tip you can try is to find the cheapest flight going to Europe and take a budget airline to Spain. There can be last minute deals in the airport, but do not take on chances, book in advance.

3. Find a comfortable and affordable place to stay.

Spain Travel

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When you are already in Spain, get a list of affordable hotels and resorts offering good accommodation but will not rip your pocket. You want to be as comfortable as you while in vacation, and taking the right accommodation plays a great role in achieving this. An advanced reservation may open you to discounts and save a lot of money.

However, do not worry about this a lot, there are plenty of affordable accommodation in Spain so it will not give you a hard time searching for a nice place to stay.

4. Take a bus ride.

Taking a bus ride will take you to the loveliest places in Spain! Remember you are in a vacation to relax and enjoy, don’t rush. Take the chance to enjoy public transportation. In addition, buses are cheap means of transportation in the country so it will save you a few bucks in your trip. Fare is very fluid when you are on vacation. While the train is fast, it is also expensive, so why not take the time and save the money? After all, the best way to experience the place is to explore it slowly.

5. Eat as the Spanish  people do.

Food in Spain

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Spanish eats only a small breakfast but having a large lunch that you must do as well, why? Because lunch in Spain is cheaper than the dinner. Most of the restaurants are having a cheap “menu of the day” at around $8-10 USD. It is a very good deal if you are saving your money, but does not necessarily takes you from the joy of tasting delicious Spanish food.

6. Schedule days for free visit in Spain’s museums.

Cheap is good but free is best, what a lovely deal right! A lot of museum in Spain is free on a certain days or time of the day. This is a big chance for you to travel the country’s museums with pleasure with no money to spend with.

7. Try the tapas in Granada

Try also this free food to eat in Granada, Spain. With every drink you will buy in a bar at the place, you’ll get something to eat for free. It is the only place in Spain where tapas is free but served best.

8. Get a discount card

Yes discount cards are offered in Spain so when you are at the middle of your trip try to get one. It will save a lot of money as it will give you the benefit of a cheap or free entry in every museum and other attractions in Spain.

9. Enjoy the place for two to three days

When you visit a place in Spain, try to stay a little longer like two to three days. Bear in mind that distances between cities take a long time. You must experience Spain slowly, so that your vacation will be a memorable one.

Best Time to Visit Spain

Spain is a great place to spend your vacation with. The best time to visit the country is during spring and fall when the weather is at its best. The months of April, May, June, September, and October are the best months to unravel the beauty of the country. Plan your Spanish vacation and experience the best of night walks, museum tours, and streetside eating in Spain!

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