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A Traveler’s Guide: 6 Basic Must Haves While Travelling

Basic Must Haves While Travelling

Getting ready to travel?  I’m sure you have several things that you would like to bring with you while you travel.  There will always be things that one can’t live without.  And I personally bring my cell phone, travel charger and water bottle wherever I go.

Everyone has their own preference but today, I would like to share the basic things a traveler must have while travelling.   No matter where you go, travelling will be easier and enjoyable when these things are around.

Basic Must Haves While Travelling medicine kit

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1. Medicine Kit

There should always be a packet of common medicines in your bag.  An assortment of medicines for common ailments like stomachache or sore throat would be great.  Although the trip may start off on the right track, there will always be those unexpected times when you might catch a cold from another traveler or get a headache in flight.  If you experience motion sickness on bus or train rides, having Stugeron, Antivert or your preferred non-prescriptive medicine would help in preventing dizziness and nausea.  There are some countries that require medicines to be in their original packaging or bottle.  And if you are under medication, it is best to bring your prescription along with you just in case you run out and need to buy from the local pharmacy.  It would also be helpful to bring a basic first-aid kit with you.  You’ll never know when you might need some Band-Aids.

2. Your documents pouch

This one needs to be kept in your person at all times while travelling.  It should be light weight and small enough that you may be able to hang it around your neck but also big enough to have all your necessary documents inside.  Your pouch will hold your visa and other important documents you might need for identification purposes.  And since it’s always securely in your person, you can also keep credit cards inside the pouch.  It keeps you assured that you still have your credit card in case you run out of cash.

3. Personal Hygiene Kit

Wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap (just in case you don’t get them from where you’re staying) are some of the things that you may have in your personal hygiene kit. Feel free to add products from your personal beauty regimen (if you really can’t go without them like I do).  I suggest putting your toothpaste, shampoo and other spill-prone knickknacks in a Ziploc.  You can also bring some in various sizes for any emergency needs.  I recommend bringing sunblock, lotion or moisturizers if you would be out and about and travelling in dry or sunny places.  The last thing that anyone would want from their travels would be a sunburn or dry skin.

Basic Must Haves While Travelling

Image Source: Pixabay

4. Your Leisure Kit

Every person has their own preference for leisure while travelling.  You can bring anything that enables you to pass the time and relax while on the plane or on the bus.  It depends on taste but any traveler should definitely need to have a neck pillow, an eye cover and earplugs (bring a pair or three) or noise cancelling headphones with them.  You can read from a great selection of e-books in your Kindle in flight.  And if your seatmates or fellow travelers are noisy, you are free to listen to music or audio books.  Even if you’re not flying first class, having these things would make it better.

5. Healthy snacks and a water bottle

Basic Must Haves While Travelling healthy snacks

Image Source: Pixabay

Nutritious snacks that you can carry with you can make a world of difference to a hungry traveler.  This is especially true if the travel time is long and if you are in a place where there are no available stopover spots to buy food or eat.  Protein-rich foods, cookies or nuts that you can munch on while you are on the bus or in flight are recommended.  And of course, if you have food, you need to have drinks.  Water is best to keep you hydrated.  You can carry it with you anywhere (as long as you follow airport rules on liquids).  You can refill your bottle whenever you can and it saves you money from buying drinks.

6. Emergency Kit

The things to bring should be a cellphone charger, a small flashlight, a lighter, a multi-purpose knife (just not on your carry on) and some duct tape.  If you are out camping, duct tape can solve just about anything.  Some countries may have lower or higher voltage than yours so it’s best to have a surge protector or an adapter you can use to charge your devices in flight or on the train.   But I also recommend bringing along a Powerbank or a portable charger if you don’t have extra batteries for your gadgets.

These are six of the basic must haves while you’re travelling.  Make sure to tailor-fit whatever you bring with you depending on your needs, the country you go to or the type of travel you are planning.  If you have these already, then you are all set for your next adventure.

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