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6 Surprisingly Affordable Accommodation Options for Backpackers in Singapore

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Some travelers like to be pampered and seek out the most luxurious experiences when they’re dining, getting transported around, or staying in accommodations in a foreign country. But this isn’t the case for the backpacking traveler, someone who often wants to discover the best of what the world has to offer with only a shoestring budget. For the backpacker, the joys of travelling lie in how much money they can save and how close their experiences are to those of locals.

With this in mind, fewer countries can incite the same excitement in a backpacker as Singapore can. That’s because there are so many ways to enjoy Singapore’s cuisine, arts, architecture, and culture without breaking the bank.

Singapore is also a haven for travelers who don’t mind forgoing a few frills on their accommodations to get an excellent deal. In terms of affordable options for parking one’s backpack, stretching their legs, and getting a good night’s rest, Singapore has plenty to choose from.

If you’re a backpacker looking for accommodation options, here are six that are more affordable than you think. They’re also likely to earn your backpacker’s seal of approval for qualities like cleanliness, accessibility, and a homey atmosphere. Check out these accommodation types for your next backpacking trip to the Lion City!

Budget Hotels Near the Changi Airport

For backpackers who want comfy but modest accommodations in a convenient area, the best options to explore are budget hotels near Changi Airport. Aside from affordable prices on rooms with complete amenities, the benefits of choosing a budget Changi airport hotel include proximity to the airport terminals themselves, easy access to the MRT railway system, and a beautiful view of Singapore’s public green spaces like in Jewel.

For a truly affordable, convenient, and stress-free backpacking experience, consider booking a budget hotel room near Changi.


Though typically smaller than hotels, inns afford many of the same creature comforts and services as hotels do. If you’re the kind of backpacker who’s looking for hotel-style amenities and a homey feel to their accommodations, there are several budget inns that you can check out.

To be as close as possible to Singaporean culture, look for an inn located in one of the country’s historic areas like Little India or Chinatown. Such accommodations will give you easy access to cheap and delicious food and drinks, as well as allow you to feel the pulse of Singapore’s cultural communities.

Capsule Hotels

If you don’t mind sleeping in a tight space, following strict rules on making noise and eating, and sleeping in the company of fellow backpackers, there’s also the option to stay in a capsule hotel.

Apart from their reasonable prices, good capsule hotels are known for their cosy and organised atmosphere. This is the perfect option for the utilitarian backpacker who demands nothing more than a small place to rest their head. If that fits your profile, you’ll probably enjoy your stay in one of Singapore’s neat little capsule accommodations in the Singapore City Centre or Kampong Glam area.


One type of accommodation that’s very popular among backpackers is the hostel, which offers dorm-style lodging with single beds or bunk beds. Singapore has its fair share of excellently priced hostels in areas like Bugis and Shenton Way. Staying in a hostel can be extremely rewarding for a backpacker not only for the price of the accommodation, but also for the opportunity to socialise and meet kindred spirits.

If it doesn’t make you uneasy to share your personal living space with other backpackers—and if you actively look forward to the communal atmosphere—you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to hostels in the Lion City.

Guest Houses

You may think that it’s expensive to book a guest house in Singapore, but these accommodations are actually available at modest price ranges as well as higher ones.

If you’re travelling with a significant other, with other friends who are backpackers, or with family members who also like to travel light, this may be the ideal accommodation type to seek out. For a reasonable price, you’ll be able to score lodgings with a little more privacy and space to move around. Check out options in areas like Gedong, Novena, and Bedok.

Long-Term Stays

Lastly, if you’re a long-term backpacker who’ll be in Singapore for a fortnight or longer, it may be the most comfortable and affordable option to book a long-term stay in a rented room or apartment. Lots of places in Singapore offer discounted rates for weekly or monthly stays, and they also provide amenities like free Wi-Fi and access to guest computers, cooking facilities, and washing machines.

For digital nomads who’ll be backpacking in Singapore for more than a few days, it’s wise to explore long-term stay options in any of the areas mentioned above. The discounts, as well as the additional amenities, will ensure that you have a pleasant stay throughout your time in Singapore.

Indeed, with the variety of reasonably priced accommodations out there, Singapore is a backpacker’s paradise. Visit Singapore soon and enjoy your stay in one of its budget hotels, hostels, inns, or guest houses!

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