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At Last, You Can Experience the Real Africa with These Top 5 Tips

African Scenery

You can never get to know the “real” personality of a person if you don’t fully try to get close to them. The same is also true for many countries, particularly Africa. The problem is, how exactly would you get close to a country?

A country is composed of many things, including the land, the people, the culture, and the wealth they possess (which can or cannot be monetary value). Every country has a unique set of these

Thus, in order to fully get to know a country, you ought to know these things and live with these. You can also see what many of the other outsiders were not able to see. This can be done through a process known as “overlanding”.

African Scenery

Image source: Flickr

Overlanding can mean a variety of things to many people. In this case, it can refer to the travelling of a person towards remote places and destinations while simply relying on one self.

The journey is never easy. Thus, it is suited mostly for those who love adventure and fun things. The trip itself can last for a few months while crossing national boundaries. The good thing is, through this, you can see rare things that are unique at one place and live through nature, without relying on the modern things the city has to offer.

To have the full experience, take note of these 5 tips:

1. Book your overlanding trip using travel agents.

If you want your trip to be easier, simply book a trip through a travel agency or an overlanding company. It will be faster since you don’t have to worry about booking a flight, a hotel room and other accommodations, and even the places where you will go to.

There are even times when you can simply tell them what you want, how you want your trip should be, and what activities you think you want to do. Then, they’ll be the ones to do everything for you (of course, with the proper amount).

Another benefit you can gain if you book through agencies is that you can have the maximum amount of time enjoying things which have been proven to be enjoyable by other visitors.

2. Always bring US$ with you.

When going on an overlanding trip, better bring a few US$ with you. Dollars are widely accepted on almost all places in Africa.

You won’t know when you’ll need a wad of cash to buy a few things and to pay for a few activities. Nothing will make you more irritated when you find something you want and you don’t have extra cash with you.

Moreover, having an extra amount will always be handy when it comes to emergencies.

3. Make sure you have adequate travel insurance.

When you go on an overlanding trip throughout Africa, prepare an adequate amount of travel insurance.

This will enable you to have a safety ground when you find an activity you want to do. You can always arrange any amount of travel insurance yourself, or you can also leave it to your overlanding company.

Most of them include travel insurance in the package as an assurance that you can make the most out of your trip.

4. Participate on necessary duties.

Another thing you ought to know is how to help in the limited amount of things every person in your overlanding group should do.

Since most of the time you’ll be staying on different accommodations ranging from tents to luxurious room, you’ll have to work as a team on a few activities, which includes washing the dishes, cleaning the place you’ll stay at, and helping to cook.

In this case, you don’t have to worry that it’ll be something boring. Working together fosters a few enjoyable relationships, wherein you can learn a lot of new things.

5. Join and enjoy the variety of fun activities.

Going on a Safari

Image source: Flickr

Since the goal of the trip is to enjoy nature and the country in its rawest form, a set of activities is surely the way to make the most of it. This includes bungee jumping, elephant back safari, and even rafting.

If you ever encounter activities that you haven’t tried before, then you surely must try it the next time you have the opportunity. It’s a good way to make memories, as well as a good way to know more about the country you’re going on an overlanding trip in.

Meeting New People

Image source: Flickr

Try new things. Buy new things. Encounter different people. Do a lot and try to learn everything you possibly can. These will surely make for a nostalgic memory you can share to others when you get back home.

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