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20 Beautiful Islands in Greece You Have to Visit

islands in Greece

Of all travel destinations in the world, none offers you multiple exciting destinations like Greece. With many islands available and each with its sites, you can satisfy your wanderlust and take amazing pictures to show for it.

With crystal blue waters, the beach weather, epicurean culture, and firsthand experience in the birthplace of legends, Greece remains the best place to visit. However, given the enormous number of islands choosing the best island to tour in Greece can seem confusing.

To ensure that you have an easy time choosing, here are some best Greece islands to visit


The top place to visit in Greece is Amorgos. Aside from the beaches and trails of the island, this island offers a chance to dip yourself into the cultural tradition of Amorgos. Also, you get to visit sights where the movie “Le Grand Bleu” was shot and gain a more in-depth perspective of pop culture.

Aside from that, Amorgos hosts the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, that was built on the arrival of the Virgin Mary. Since it is built 300 meters above sea level, the monastery towers the island, therefore, gives you an amusing Ariel view of the landscape. However, visit on days with cold weather as with heat and 1000 steps to be climbed, the Duo could easily overwhelm you.


If you virtualize sandy beaches and serene sea water when the idea of an ideal holiday strikes you, Rhodes is the perfect destination. Also, Rhodes boasts of top-notch accommodation facilities which prove to be suitable for relaxation.

While here, you get to see traditional and modern cultures correlate to create and archeological sites that make it the best destination to tour in Greece. To view the fantastic features of Rhodes first hand and soak into their culture, consider trekking around the city’s multiple elements.


If you have seen the remains of a volcanic eruption, then you know how amusing a town built around this can look. Even better, picture this with a vastness of sea surrounding the island. Like the latter, you will find beaches here that will allow you to dive into the water and enjoy the massaging effect of seawater.

However, what makes Milos a great destination in Greece is the multiple hotels and boutiques that ensure you great treatment deserving of a holiday.


Although it ranks second smallest among the Ionian Islands, the traditional richness of Ithaca is unrivaled. This shows you simplicity, friendly locals, natures wonder and facilities to help you settle your thoughts. Owing to the simplicity of Ithaca, it ranks among the cheapest islands to visit in Greece.


Ranked as the most beautiful island in Greece, the photographic richness and amusing natural features, Hydra proves an amazing island to tour. This is also said to be the land where the immortal nine-headed snake Lernean Hydra originated. 


Want to unravel the secrets of the winged victory of Samothrace? Then Samothrace may be the best Greece island for you to tour. Apart from this, Samothrace offers a vast number of antiques that explain various events thus the ideal stop for an art enthusiast in Greece.


The island where the son of Daedalus, Icarus, is believed to have drowned, Icaria remains a great destination to visit. This features numerous structures to hot tourists and traditional pensions and villas to select from. Here you get to taste traditional Greece cuisines thus sinking your teeth and treating your taste buds to the cultural richness of Icaria.


Located at the northernmost side of the islands, Thassos ranks twelfth by size among Greece islands. This island features amusing lagoons, beaches, and mountains that let you witness the gifts of mother nature and take amazing images for you. like Amorgos, here you get to visit the Monastery of ‘Arhangel Mihail’ and feel the spiritual aura first hand.


The Apollo temple, beach, Temple of Demeter and archeological museum of Naxos are among the sites the island of Naxos treats you to. Also, this hosts ancient ruins thus giving you a run for your money and photos worth showing.


The sweet Muscat wine and great sandy beaches are some of the treats Samos offers you. also, this offers you many activities to engage.


A secret island to visit in Greek is Kea. This treats you to beaches, scuba diving experiences and the stone lion of Kea. Also, this allows you to get firsthand experience of ancient buildings of kea and lets you soak into the culture of the Kea people.


Sited on the northwest coast of Greece, Corfu Island ranks as a great heritage that shows various cultural artifacts from the French and British rule. Owing to the fancy hotels and lounges available on the island, it proves the one stop shop for a luxury holiday in Greece.


Another great island to visit in Greece is Kalymnos. This island is endowed of mountains and creeks that are ideal for enthusiasts of mountain climbing. Also, Kalymnos boasts of rich arts and culture; therefore, the ideal island to visit in Greece for a geographical tour.


Among Greece islands, Kythnos hosts numerous structures. From great modern architectural designs to beaches, photographic wealth is vast. Also here, you will find the village of Chora which is purely built on the slopes of hills from Cycladic architecture. Like their counterparts, you will find top facilities for accommodation and get treated to traditional cuisines from Greece cultures.


The home to the bridge of Khalkis, Euboea boasts of historic sites and museums. Here, you will find the Oreoi port, Archeological Museum of Eretria, Karababa castle and healing springs of Edipsos.  Also, Euboea hosts various museums and churches, therefore, allowing you to soak into the Greek culture and engage the spiritual background of Euboea.


A host to white mountains, vast white beaches, and the Ideon cave (which was the birthplace of Lord Zeus), Crete has numerous exquisite historical features to offer. Also, Crete retains its rural setting thus allowing to you enjoy the culture of Greece from firsthand experience. To gain the fullest experience of the island, visit during a time they have cultural festivals thus soaking into the cultural practices of the people from Crete.


When it comes to beaches, the best island to visit in Greece is Lefkada. This island also hosts the Faneromeni monastery. The hotels and restaurants here treat guests to impeccable traditional culinary dishes that ensure you enjoy your tour. Here you can get priceless images of the sunset and archeological marvels thus enriching your album.


Although it is smaller in size, Kos also boasts of a plethora of cultural and natural sites. However, in Kos, you are treated to architectural designs and hotel designs that few islands can parallel. Here you will be treated to sites like the castle of kings, the ancient agora and the ruins of Asklepion.


An island that has gained its popularity among artists and photographers is Santorini. Due to its rich scenes from sunrise, sandy beaches and amazing structures, it remains the most beautiful island in Greece. This also boasts of hotels and archeological sites therefore great to taste Greece cuisines and understand mother nature better.


To visit Greece without touring Skopelos would mean missing out on a lot. Believed to have been founded by Staphylus (who was a son of Ariadne and Dionysos) Skopelos is well famed for its wine that can only be paralleled by the best. Here, you get to tour the royal tomb and enjoy the green surroundings.

Owing to the vastness of the forest, you will get to see abundant wildlife inclusive but not limited to large breeds of birds. Like the best islands in Greece, Skopelos boasts of great beaches and amusing sites that infuse the blue seas, white beaches and green forest cover thus great for taking pictures.

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