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Your One Day Dubai Itinerary: Experience the Best of Dubai in a Single Day 

downtown dubai

Dubai has gotten a huge influx of vacationers and tourists back in 2022 compared to 2021. It went from 7 million to 14 million in just a year, and this number is only expected to grow in 2023 as COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions are lifted.

As one of the famous destinations for international travelers, some tourists might wish to only stopover in Dubai in order to go elsewhere. Therefore, is it possible to maximize a single day or overnight visit to the beautiful city? Yes, you can! Your one-day itinerary can include the following places or tours:

1. The Big Bus Sightseeing Tour

The open-top Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus city sightseeing Dubai tour is a great way to get your day started. It gives you a sightseeing tour of some of the most touristy or touristiest places in the city of Dubai. As the tour drives through the main highway of Sheikh Zayed Road, you’ll get context of the different Dubai sites.

The tour guide is there to provide history and amusing anecdotes of every stop of the tour. For a quick tour, you’ll get engaged in stories for several highlights and destinations including the Spice Souk, Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Mosque.

2. The Dubai Mall and Its Beautiful Fountains

You can visit the Dubai Mall at Downtown Dubai for relatively free, even if you’re just window shopping. Also, it has the Dubai Fountains, which is a popular tourist attraction in and of itself. The fountain is the world’s biggest choreographed fountain system.

It comes with light and music performances set to traditional Arabic songs and top ten pop hits known globally. This shopping mall was once considered the biggest mall in the world. It’s still one of the biggest ones.

It is also certainly one of the most innovative malls globally with its architectural choices, its multiplex movie theater, its multitude of shops, its indoor ice skating rink, its dining choices, and many other sights and attractions.

3. The Dubai Creek Cruise

After having a sightseeing tour on land, you should try out getting a better look at the manmade wonders of the class and concrete jungle that is Dubai from its original Dubai Creek, where the city had its humble beginnings as a fishing village.

Just get tickets to a dhow boat—a traditional Arabic boat—in order to sail around the Dubai Creek. The large windows of the boat should give you the best panoramic views of the shining, shimmering, and splendid Dubai metropolis as though you’re on a magic carpet ride. So, going on a dhow cruise Dubai in the evening can be a fantastic experience you will always remember about your one day Dubai trip. 

4. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

What does Dubai’s Lost Chambers Aquarium deliver that’s unique to it other than being part of Dubai? For one thing, you can fit it into your single-day itinerary. For another thing, it’s found at the Atlantis the Palm Resort.

You’ll feel like you’re exploring the Lost Kingdom of Atlantis underwater with the way the aquarium is designed to feature a biodiversity of marine animals such as sharks, stingrays, piranhas, and a variety of fishes galore. It’s beautiful, breathtaking, and worthwhile plus it’s a brief visit for your single-day tour.

5. The Burj Khalifa

In many ways, Burj Khalifa can be considered the ultimate Dubai attraction. Go to the top of this building, which has over 140 floors to spare as the world’s tallest building. This will give you a brief but memorable view of the Dubai skyline and its skyscrapers that seem to reach towards the infinite skies.

The amazing heights serve as a great photo opportunity that you can post on your Instagram or Facebook account. Additionally, you’ll be informed about the history of the magnificent structure.

You’ll be given the whole spiel as soon as you enter the designated tour elevator of the building, which also includes video installations and projections that outline the story behind the desert skyscraper.

6. The Dubai Ski Slope

Did you know you can ski in Dubai? No, not on the sand dunes, although that’s also a thing. The Middle East’s largest indoor ski resort can be found in Ski Dubai and you can squeeze in skiing there as part of your one-day itinerary.

Because why not? Dubai’s cosmopolitan cityscape is itself manmade along with the reservoirs of the Dubai Marina to sustain it, so why not create an artificial ski resort in the middle of the desert like a snowy oasis? It’s a worthwhile tourist destination in and of itself for the novelty of it all!

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