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The Ultimate Guide To Camping With Kids

children camping tips

What can be a better memory for a child than to go camping? Most of the adults still recall their childhood experience of family days somewhere in nature, however, still afraid to take their own kids camping. To get rid of this fear and make your trip safe, comfortable and enjoyable, we prepared 10 tips, which will help you with creating the most memorable outdoor time for you and your children.

Tip 1: Do it easy

You can start with a car camping by the sea or in the mountain site. Choose an accessible spot, so it would be easy to get back to the city in case of an emergency. If you plan to go hiking, choose a light route not to get very tired.

Tip 2: Do it simple

Your kid might not become that excited of an ancient historical spot or the Grand Canyon, especially after the whole day on the road. It can be a good idea to spend more time playing in a local park than getting bored in a car on the way to a famous destination.

Tip 3: Plan ahead

Ability to improvise is a great skill, but everyone would feel much more confident with a booked in advance campground spot and a fixed sleeping bag. Study the map, think what camp gear you might need, talk to a friend who has a camping experience or read camping forums. The more carefully you plan, the better your journey will be. For example, if you’re camping at the beach, the planning would be different from camping in a forest.

Tip 4: Think of the activities

It is so easy to take a deck of Uno cards or a frisbee with you to play in your leisure time. Windsocks are also fun for camping too. Swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, and roasting marshmallows may be also included in your camping program. Check the camping ground for the activities they offer. You can also create some games for you kids to learn the nature, like to name the trees or spot all the items starting with a letter C. Be creative and have a very enjoyable family trip!

Tip 5: Try it for a test

Putting your tent in the backyard and spending the night with your kid in the sleeping bag will help you and your kid to adjust and prepare for the new adventure. You may notice a long list of things that you will need for your future travel but have never taken into account. Good idea is to have a pencil and a notebook in your pocket and take some notes when a new idea crosses your mind.

Tip 6: Take only the necessary clothes

After you make your additional list read it again very carefully. Did you think about different weather conditions? Did you consider a sudden rain? Did you overpack? When you are hiking you are limited to your needs – you mustn’t change every piece of clothes every time you wear it, but you definitely need clothes for all kind of weather according to the forecast.

Tip 7: Give kids free time

It is natural for children to explore the world. Do not try to spend every single second with your baby, as kids have so many fun things to do on their own! To smell flowers, get into the puddle, watch a bug or catch a lizard. Even if your child gets dirty playing with a wet sand – this is how the kids learn about nature and create their own exciting games.

kids playing

Tip 8: Leave your devices at home

You can take your phone for an emergency, but not for work or games. You can watch movies at home and post your Instagram selfie later – do not let your tablet to spoil the best childhood memories of your kid.

Tip 9: Organize your time

When you arrive at the campground try to unpack before darkness. Cook a simple meal on fire or prepare food for dinner in advance, as you know that you will be more tired for the first night.

Tip 10: Involve your kids

Encouraging kids to help you with simple routines will teach them to become responsible and empathetic. Sticking to your normal schedule will help your kids to adjust. You may also create some new ritual, for example, making fire together or going to sleep with a special camping song.


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