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Choosing Your Bridal Colors for an Exceptional Destination Wedding With 5 Simple Tips

Destination Wedding - Wedding Color

You might are very excited for your big day to come after getting engaged. Of course, who wouldn’t get excited! The wedding signifies a new beginning for you as couple, and you would want to make it as memorable as possible.

Destination Wedding Ideas - Wedding Colors

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To have your wedding in an exotic location that will allow you to travel and relax with your guests is a beautiful idea. It comes with plenty of perks, but to maximize its benefits you have to be very careful in knitting all the details. There are plenty of destination wedding ideas available and implementing them right is the key to make your wedding pretty exceptional.

The wedding color is one of the most important details brides think about as part of their theme. Choosing your wedding color does not have to be complicated; however, since you will be having a destination wedding, the surroundings will play a big role. The color scheme of your wedding has the ability to set the mood of the event, it is the unifying feature that makes all the details coordinated.

The complexity or simplicity of your hues depend on your budget, personal preferences, time and effort. Below are 5 simple tips to help you select the color scheme for your destination wedding:

1. Consider your surroundings.

As we mentioned earlier, the surroundings play a big role in tying all your decorative elements up. Normally, couples who prefer a destination wedding chooses to have the ceremony outdoors with the beautiful scenery at their backdrop. Whether it is a beach wedding in Bahamas or an outdoor ceremony at the grasslands of South Africa, you would want your wedding colors to complement.

Outdoor weddings normally uses light and fresh colors to highlight the beauty of the place and to create an “feel” of being one with nature. Pastel and bright hues can awake cheerful, fresh, and brilliant atmosphere.

Meanwhile, if your reception will be indoors, you have to take a look on the draperies, carpets, flooring, and the walls. Go for schemes that will match. You can set your mind with the colors until you see your venue. The place of the wedding itself may suggest good colors to enliven the event.

2. Consider your favorite shade.

You can always start first with what you love. If you love pink since you started to appreciate colors, you can go ahead and take it as the basis. You can tastefully incorporate your favorite color to your wedding theme by choosing the right hue and combining it with the right palette.

Destination Wedding - Wedding Color

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3. Consider the wedding ceremony and the reception location.

For destination weddings, some local wedding coordinators choose to decorate the event highlighting the local colors of the place. Yes, there is a thing as such. The tropical beaches of Hawaii and Bali can be associated with red, orange, greens, and other earthy tones, and they could look pretty well in a night-time celebration.

In planning a destination wedding some brides may not be able to see the place in person. In this instance, it is vital to choose a wedding coordinator who respects your preferences and can suggest great ideas to make your destination wedding memorable.

4. Get inspired by the season.

The natural shades of the season can be the theme and the color of your destination wedding. Summer, spring, autumn, and winter have their very own colors, and you can use their unique palettes to depict their mood of your celebration. However, it does not necessarily mean that you’ll go for the usual orange and brown fall if you want to highlight autumn. Rust, gold, amber, are colors to consider. Variations of shades are great way to play it off.

For beach destination weddings, spring or summer colors are your best bet.

5. Remember the bridesmaids.

Since we are speaking of color as a unifying feature, you have to make sure that the color of your choice will look good on your bridesmaids as well. You may skip the groomsmen since they could wear the usual monochromes.

Be creative. Your bridesmaids are your wedding’s eye-candy and you would want to find dresses that would look flattering for everyone. Their dresses have to complement with your florals as well!

The wedding color is only one integral part to be taken care of in any wedding may it be in any place. Take time to plan your destination wedding. In occasions like this, you would like nothing less than perfect.

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