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Clover Flex Vs the Booker Credit Card Machine – What Is the Best for Restaurants

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If you own a restaurant, you may be thinking about getting your first point of sale system or upgrading. Choosing the right one can help you operate more smoothly with valuable features.

However, there are numerous options on the market. It can be hard to know which one is the right choice. If you are selecting between the Clover Flex and Booker POS, which should you choose?

What Restaurants Need When It Comes to Collecting Payments

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First, it is helpful to think about what your requirements are. All restaurants need to be able to capture and manage orders from customers. They also need to be able to accept a variety of payment types. For example, you may want to take advantage of Clover contactless payment.

However, a full-service restaurant may need to take and manage reservations whereas a food truck may need something that is small and portable. Some restaurants want to be able to take payments at the tableside while others have a POS system on the counter.

The Hardware

The Clover Flex is a small POS system based off of a touchscreen mobile device. It has an integrated card reader and is extremely lightweight. It can be carried around the restaurant by service staff. Some businesses even use it to take orders, accept payments and otherwise manage the full customer experience.

Conversely, the Booker hardware is broken up between a Clover Mini countertop card reader, a receipt printer and a computer- and mobile-based software for managing appointments. It fits a more traditional style of operation for most businesses. It is a contactless POS system and a card reader.

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If you are choosing solely based on hardware, the choice will come down to how your business workflows are setup. Restaurants that do tableside or curbside payments will really benefit from the Flex. Similarly, food trucks can make great use of it. Other businesses may prefer the more traditional console offered by Booker.

The Software

These two systems diverge a little more on software. Clover 2.0 has established a well-earned reputation for being a very flexible and reliable system. In the most recent versions of the software, features for restaurants have been greatly expanded. It is very easy to manage food and beverage services from the Cover software.

Booker software is more focused on making and managing appointments. It has features for online marketing and self-booking. The system on the console is based on Clover, so it is similarly easy to use.

Both options can be great from a software perspective. However, Booker POS is a little more focused on spas and salons, whereas Clover has great tools for restaurants.

Find Your POS System Today

Find the right POS for your business today. Another deciding factor may be the low Clover Flex price. This makes it great for businesses that want to start lean. Whichever you choose, make sure to find the right payment processing partner. With good support and a favorable fee schedule, a good partner can set your business up for lasting success. Start your research today and find the perfect POS system for your restaurant.

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