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Difference Between First Class and Economy Flights

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People travel to distant places and they often get confused which airline to board. Different airlines provide different facilities and all are doing their best to make journey of their customers a comfortable one. People who spend more money or use their miles off their credit cards are provided with the luxurious first class cabins. Although airlines have made so many improvements in the first class that people always want to get hold of first class tickets especially for long route flights.

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As airlines are increasing their fares day by day it has become difficult for people to get hold of first class tickets. There also have been so many improvements in the economy class so most people travel in economy class. Still there are so many differences between economy class seats and first class suits. Below are such differences that will clarify your doubts about economy and first classes of the airlines.

Before boarding: You can easily buy an economy class ticket even in the last minute with a discount and possibly less than $500, depending on the place you are travelling to but to fly in first class you have to pay a lot of money to be able to relax in the luxurious suite of the first class. First class is never overcrowded as compared to the economy class and they even board the plane first before economy and business class passengers.

Meals and extra facility: Food given in economy and first class also varies according to different airlines. First class passengers are even provided with menu of specially made food to choose from. Additional snacks and beverages are provided free of cost to them. But the economy class is only offered pre packed meals and are provided beverages in the disposable cups. They are not offered more than one snack and no outlets are provided to charge electronic items whereas first class passengers are provided with that facility.

Upgrade Options: There is a huge difference between cost of flying on economy and first class, but airlines can offer last minute upgrade to some economy class passengers depending on the travel season. Passengers can also use their miles to upgrade at the last moment or may receive complimentary upgrade on any regional flight. While you are booking your tickets online you may randomly get offers on points earned on your credit cards or you can also ask for upgrade options at the airport during the check in time.

Personal Space: In first class domestic flights i.e. For short distance travels, first class is offered wider seating capacity with more leg room, bigger trays and more space for reading and for keeping electronic devices. In international flights, first class passengers are offered private seats, full reclining chairs and sleeping accommodations. For economy class, despite the model of the aircraft, narrow chairs with limited legroom, one entertainment unit with fewer options (in some flights) and less space to move etc are provided.

Different airlines provide different facilities while some are upgrading classes for passenger’s comfort. British airways, Singapore airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, qantas Airways are some airlines that provide unbeatable first class facilities. So, choose wisely and travel safely!

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