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Discover the Bird Watching Life List’s Secrets and Its 5 Kinds

Writing a List

Bird watching is an enjoyable activity, may it be for men, women, or children. That is something we have established upon learning and going on bird watching trips. However, through time, these trips may be something you’ll forget unless you do something to make it more memorable and unforgettable.

Bird Watching

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How do you suppose we can keep the trip into something we’ll surely never forget?

Some would think of recording it and putting it on videos while some would write about it and post it as a nlog. This can be something practical. However, using multimedia tools and computers can be quite at a disadvantage if you ever lose the data of it or simply lose the diskette containing the said recording. Now, this would be a problem.

To solve this, how about simply buying a sturdy journal you can keep inside a waterproof pouch in your satchel. You can write down about your trip and can keep your life list in there.

Writing a List

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A life list is a simply a list containing notes about the birds you’ve seen, and a few printed pictures of the said bird in order to have a visual representation of it (you can take the picture while bird-watching).

Not only will it be practical, it will be something you can keep at your bookshelf if you ever want to look back.

A life list can be of different types, such as:

1. House List

The first type of house list can be said to be the most basic type. If you’ve just started bird watching, you can simply take note of birds you’ve seen around your home.

It’s not necessarily inside the lot of your house; rather, it can be a list of birds you’ve seen while you’re cleaning the yard, while you were walking down the street towards the nearest store, or while you were seating on your terrace while looking at the sky.

Cranes in the Yard

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As can be inferred, this list does not have the need for you to travel towards the nearest wildlife reserve in order to watch some birds. You can do it at the safety of you home. Not only will it be effortless and easy, it can also be fun in its own way.

2. State List

The second list is the type wherein you write down all the birds you’ve seen in one particular state. If you go on another state for your bird-watching activities, then you’ll have another list for that state.

In a way, this can be efficient in knowing and differentiating which birds migrate and stay at one particular place and which prefer another place. Not only will it be fun, it can also be educational.

3. Yearly List

Then, we have the yearly list. The yearly list is a list wherein you jot down which birds you’ve seen this year, the date you’ve seen them, and the number of different types you’ve seen for the whole year.

4. Trips List

Another kind of list is what we know as the “trips list”. This is a list wherein you write down about the birds you’ve seen in one trip and the other trip in another list.

This will make it easier for you to distinguish when you’ve seen this particular specie while connecting it with the many memorable events that occurred during the bird watching trip.

Parrot Macaw Bird Green Pets Cute

Image Source: Pixabay


5. Wish List

Lastly, and a completely different kind of list, is the “wish list”, wherein you will take note of the many species of birds you want to see in the future.

It is entirely different since the other lists are lists wherein you jot down and record about what you’ve already since (in the past). On the other hand, the wish list is something wherein you record those birds of fascination to you and you goal to see them on the next bird-watching trip.

Keeping a life list is not really difficult. It does not have to be expensive nor does it require so much time to inconvenience a person. Rather, it a has many redeeming qualities that will help any bird-watching enthusiast keep track of where he/she is currently progressing in, as well as to keep a detailed record of what happened and what had been seen and learned on the previous trips.

Forgetting the many events and things you’ve seen and enjoyed would be such a waste. Thus, it would be better to keep a list. What are you waiting for? Grab a paper and start with the basics!

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