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Do You Want an Ultimate Budget Travel in Africa? Check this 4 Practical Tips

Budget Travel Africa

Do you want to experience a unique adventure in a one of a kind travel? If your answer is yes, try to visit Africa! This wonderful continent may not be as popular as Europe and the Americas, but it surely promises lots of fun for travelers who prefer a challenging trip. Challenging…because we know that even seasoned backpackers could have a hard time with the public transportation, the expensive, yet poorly maintained accommodations, and poor roads that can be painful to traverse.

However, despite all the challenges it may bring for travelers, Africa is undoubtedly one of the best continents to visit. With different countries offering great cultural experience, fascinating destinations, friendly people, and limitless activities to awake the adrenaline, Africa has an adventurous charm that true travelers would love to discover.

Budget Travel Africa

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Traveling through Africa can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Depending on your preference and how you plan it, you can enjoy the travel you desire in the continent. If your goal in an ultimate budget travel in Africa, you can check this 4 practical tips to get you going.

1. Choose Your Itinerary

There are 47 countries in the African continent and you can choose your destination to visit. The most popular ones are South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. If you wish to go first on the eastern part of the continent, it is easy to get an international flight in Nairobi. From there, you can explore Kenya or head south to Tanzania and climb the Mount Kilimanjaro.

2. Plan Your Travel Expenses

As what we mentioned above, planning to travel to Africa can be affordable or expensive depending on your itinerary. Definitely, travelling manically can exhaust your budget that is something that you would not like to happen.

When you think that Africa will save you from spending as the continent offers low cost living, you’ll be surprised to be spending more. A few hotels are overpriced for the quality so it would really matter to set your itinerary and accommodation ahead. Local transportation can be very cheap but inconvenient so if you are very particular with comfort, it will entail another cost.

If you are planning on a road trip, it could help to check your routes first. For more challenging part of the trip, better hire a service vehicle to save you time. It should be your goal to get as much experience as you can without falling into the trap of “tour guides” and getting your pocket ripped.

Travel South Africa - South African Safari

Visit Africa and Try African Safari!
Image source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

3. Choose Your Activities

Africa is a continent for the adventure seeker. There is a lot to explore in its countries and you will never run out of activities to do.

Looking for a great safari adventure, visit Kruger National Park in South Africa. You want a tribal experience that will give you a picture of the old world, visit Turmi, Ethiopia. Do you want to see Africa’s enthralling aerial landscape in one the world’s highest peaks? Climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. Another amazing activity for travelers to try is camel trekking in either Morocco or Egypt. This will give you a chance to traverse the desert and sleep with the starlit sky as your roof.

While planning is relatively vital, do not close your doors in different possibilities in your trip. Be flexible, for this is one of the best ways to save money, time, and money in the process.

4. When to Go

To experience the best of Africa, visit the country during dry seasons. This is because the dirt roads are easier to travel without the mud sticking on your shoes.

North Africa: October-March (In North Africa, the rainy seasons are not the problem, rather the temperature. Whether is best from October to March).

East Africa: Dry seasons in the eastern part of Africa are December-February and March and June-October.

Southern Africa: Enjoy South Africa’s dry seasons from May-June. Starting October the area starts to be really hot. Rainy seasons begin from November to early May.

Central Africa: Dry time in Central Africa starts from June to September.

Visit Africa and explore its amazing places. Find the best African safaris, delight on its beaches, marvel in its mountains and come back home with a fulfilled feeling.

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