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Encounters and Adventures: The 5 Benefits of Bringing Friends and Meeting New Ones

Travelling Companion

Going on the road alone can somewhat be lonely and scary. Imagine yourself wandering around in one country’s outback or in the middle of a busy city somewhere far away without anyone to turn to, to ask for help from, and to depend on.

Isn’t it scary? It is, especially when you’re new in one city without having even a bit of knowledge how things works and how people interact at that particular place. Possibilities such as accidents, confusions, and losing one’s way have then become quite possible.

However, bringing a friend or going alone is an adventure in itself. It is when you learn how to be independent, as well as to make new friends along the way.

Travelling Companion

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So, make up your mind! Bring a friend or find a friend works in different ways, but with similar goals in mind. Here are some benefits that will definitely convince you to bring your closest friend on your next trip:

1. Having someone along is more fun.

Having fun

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There’s nothing lonelier than being alone while you’re eating the best meal you can get in a place or while looking at a beautiful landscape. It’s kind of sad to just be alone doing things when you can always bring someone to share everything with –your thoughts, ideas, stories, chitchats, and feelings.

However, if you’re the type of person who can appreciate more of solitude and quiet, then it’s fine. People are different in their preferences of how they want to go on an adventure.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who needs another person to relate to once in a while, then it’s better to bring someone along. Then, you’ll have someone to do things with and to go to places with.

2. Bringing someone along is safer.

Having a companion to go with you, particularly to places of uncertain safety and great distance from civilization (such as mountains and wilderness), is much safer.

With precautions, it would have been safe to go alone. But, with a companion, there’s always that thin blanket of assurance that when something goes wrong, there would be two minds to think of the better solution rather than one.

3. New encounters create good friendship.

If bringing someone along is not possible due to certain circumstances and reasons, then going alone is okay. You can always meet new people along the way, mostly through unexpected situations.


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It is in these unexpected situations that several people gain irreplaceable friends and loved ones. To most people, this thought would seem too romantic and imaginative, but it does happen to some people somewhere in this wide world.

Just keep an open mind and be yourself. You’ll surely meet someone who shares the same ideals and thoughts.

4. Meeting people will facilitate learning.

Friendships aren’t the only ones built when meeting new people. There is also the build-up of new knowledge, which can help us in one way or another at least once in this lifetime.

It is in meeting various people where you see more of life in a world-wide mindset, which in turn somehow gives you an idea to the general cycle of real life. Having a glimpse of life in a different perspective will definitely change you, in either personal or non-personal level.

Seeing new things also contribute to our values as a human being. Thus, it won’t be surprising that there is a sort of change within after meeting and interacting with people from different places and from the different walks of life.

5. New friendship creates unexpected opportunities.

At times, new friends create new opportunities for you, may it be a simple visit to one’s place or getting something you desire. It’s not really something like you making use of them, but sometimes an act of goodwill on their part.

Several people deem it polite and good to invite someone to their places and offer them something to eat, perhaps. Other times, random people have this desire to help out strangers for no specific reason, other than simply helping.

There are a variety of people out there, who are different from each other. Just be optimistic, friendly, and respectfully in every chance and every person you meet.

Bringing someone along or meeting someone along the way definitely holds something of importance tin considering travel as a whole. After all, it is more fun and filling to have someone you can share everything with – may it be burden or fun.


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