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Experience Ecstatic Nightlife in Hong Kong! The Top 5 Clubbing Destinations in the Cantonese City

Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world’s original international city being a world-class destination despite its size. It reflects a mix of Chinese roots and some of Britain’s, as the place was able to adapt during its British colonization. This has becomes a very noticeable contradiction in Hong Kong—balancing a modernized way of life with traditional Chinese practices.

Visit Hong Kong

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While Hong Kong is known for shopping and theme parks, another activity that its tourists love about the place is its vigorous and vibrant nightlife. Do not miss the chance to experience Hong Kong under the moonlit sky for whether you fancy to tour by night over land or water, Hong Kong offers great places to go!

1. Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong is a perfect hangout in Hong Kong for drinking, clubbing and delectable dining. The place during special occasions such as Halloween or New Year’s Eve makes a large crowd, and if you want to immerse with the locals and foreign tourists alike, you can go during these seasons.

Stormies is one of the most popular destination for drinkers. They spill out onto the streets outside and indoors delicious seafood are served to pair up with the wide selection of drinks. Another pub to consider the Hong Kong Brew House, they boasts having the best selection of beers in Hong Kong straight from its own microbrewery. The ambience is serene and there is an American menu for people seeking American food.

Bars and restaurants at Lan Kwai Fong usually open their doors from noon and are busy 24/7. The renowned district is home to over hundred restaurants, bars, clubs and shops just around the corner from the city’s busy and occupied Central Business district. It is indeed a perfect place to catch up with friends after long hours of work or travel.

2. Wan Chai

Visit Hong Kong - Wan Chai

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Wan Chai has a more down-to-earth feel to it than Lan Kwai Fong though it could get pretty wild. Situated on Hong Kong Island, not too far from Hong Kong’s Central District, the intersection of the three roads – Jaffe Road, Lockhart Road and Luard Road label the hub of Wan Chai’s nightlife sensation.  One of the clubs, Tonno Club wasdesigned with artistic sophistication. The very extensive bar leads to the welcoming dance floor with a billiard table. Here, the Tonno bartenders mix cocktails that are absolutely tempting. They also serve a wide range of spirits and beers.

3.  SoHo Hollywood

Sophisticated Soho offers a wide range of high-end international eateries catering to the most discerning clienteles. There are also a lot of chic bars which are usually packed with those who like to be seen. Soho starts only south of Hollywood Road and meanders along Shelley Street, Elgin Street, and Staunton Street. A luxuriance of global cuisine will take your taste buds on a whirlwind journey across South America, Europe, India and Asia with culinary delights served from places including Provence and New Orleans.

4. Tsim Sha Tsui

It is a major tourist destination in metropolitan Hong Kong, featuring restaurants and shops that cater to international tourists. Many of Hong Kong’s museums are located in the area. Tourist hospitality is a major industry in Tsim Sha Tsui, and the place’s unique perk is its list of exotic restaurants.

Moreover, the place is not only popular for exotic dining. During Christmas, the place comes alive with flickers of colorful Christmas lights. December every year, tall buildings in the district set up light bulbs on their walls incorporating Christmas patterns all over. It sets the place into a destination of merriment, and you will be delighted to experience it yourself!

5. Causeway Bay

Nightlife and shopping in one? Visit Causeway Bay, Hong Kong’s shopping mecca featuring endless malls, boutiques, and department stores. If you are in for a limitless spending, Causeway Bay has everything to offer that money can buy.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a place where you can sing to the world while feasting on limitless drinks, visiting CEO Neway can be a good idea. Karaoke is a classic Hong Kong entertainment activity, which is always at its best when experienced with friends.

Hooray Bar and Restaurant is a perfect place to watch the Symphony of Lights show. It works for business or pleasure, as it offer a nice, relaxed atmosphere without being too intimate: the perfect balance of formal and casual.

You’ll never run out of great places to visit in Hong Kong if you are looking for an ecstatic nightlife or a meaningful travel. Carefully plan your destination ahead and make sure to list all the places you want to set your foot in.

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