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Fall in Love with Barbados! 5 Enthralling Destination to Visit in the Caribbean

Visit Barbados

Looking for an exciting and luxurious holiday in the Caribbean? If you do, ready your passport and visit Barbados. A tropical paradise that lie in the southern Caribbean, close to the beautiful continent of South America, Barbados boasts great weather, enthralling beaches, and wonderful activities popular to tourists from all over the world.

The way of life in Barbados is one of the things that tourists are after when they travel the island. Barbados has one of the highest cost of living in the world, which is no surprise as the island is a lair of exclusive hotels, high-class restaurants, and numerous clubs offering superb nightlife.

Visit Barbados

Visit Barbados
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Ready to explore Barbados? Here are 5 top destinations in the island that you might want to consider:

1. Harrison’s Cave

One of the top natural tourist attractions in Barbados, Harrison’s Cave features a long stretch of breathtaking crystallized limestone formations. If you are a first-time traveller in Barbados, then you should never miss this. There are tours you can hire to explore the cavern for more or less $25. Tour duration vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. St Nicholas Abbey

Meet the luxury of the past and the present by visiting one of the only three Jacobean mansions left in the Western hemisphere. St Nicholas Abbey is located in Saint Peter, Barbados. While it is named an abbey, it is never a religious destination. It has always been a sugar plantation since it was built in between the 1650 and 1660.

Visit Barbados Beach

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A tour to St. Nicholas Abbey prices BDS$ 35 for adults and BDS$ 20 for children. It includes a tour to the mansion, gardens, rum distillery and the Cherry Tree Hill, a mahogany avenue that offers a lovely view of Barbados’ East Coast.

3. Flower Forest

Marvel with the sight of a variety of lovely florals in Barbados’ botanical wonderland. Flower Forest is a scenic horticultural park that is a perfect destination for travelers who wanted to enjoy peace and tranquility while communing with nature.

Once a sugar plantation, the flowers in the Flower Forest are truly a sight to please for tourists of all ages. It received a good deal of reviews from avid travellers in Trip Advisor so there is no doubt that your visit will be all worth it. Also, if you are planning a destination wedding in Barbados, the Flower Forest caters weddings and private events. Admission prices starts from US $12.50 and kids from 4-12 pay half of the price.

4. Bottom Bay

Now’s the delight for the beach lovers. If you happen to visit Barbados for its beaches, you should never miss the scenic Bottom Bay. The powdery sands, the swaying palm trees, and its turquoise waters is a sight to behold, simply perfect for the photographer’s lens. However, its beach is not advised for swimming due to the dangerous current that can bring you to the open seas.

If you visit Bottom Bay, just take a picnic basket, bring a good book, and delight with a refreshing coconut cocktail!

5. Kensington Oval

It is impossible to describe Barbados without mentioning cricket. The tropical country has a national obsession for the game, just like other British colonies in the islands of the Caribbean. Kensington Oval is a cricket stadium located in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. It is locally referred as “The Mecca of Cricket” as it hosted both local and international cricket games for more than 120 years since its conception.

Best Time to Visit Barbados

Barbados is undeniably one of the best tourist destinations in the world. However, visiting the country in its best time is the best way to experience its wonders. July to November is the best months to visit Barbados. While there is a possibility of hurricanes during these times, they seldom hit, so you will have less or no worries at all.

Furthermore, there are also lively festivals you can attend to such as Crop Over Festival celebrated on July and Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival that fires up the island during November. The good thing during these months is that prices in accommodation drop at almost 50% so you will enjoy more with your budget.

If you experience Barbados during its busiest come to the island from December to mid-April.

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