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Find the Best Resort without Having to Try Them All: Alps’ 2 Kinds

Autumn at the Alps

Being a famous mountain range, as well as one of the best natural sights found in Europe, The Alps is quite a well-visited area. Being this famous, several resorts have been established in the area for the guests’ convenience. However, how do we distinguish which is which?

Autumn at the Alps

Image source: Flickr

Have no fear, for there is actually a distinguishing line between these resorts in order to get the most out of your holiday and out of your vacation. You don’t have worry about going around trying everything, to know which is for you. If you’ve got friends who visited before you, then you might know which place is for you. But, if you don’t, then you’re definitely in a bind.

Since The Alps borders several known countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, and Slovenia, there is bound to be hundreds of resorts located in this mountain range alone. How will you deal with that?

To narrow down your search list to what resort you actually need, here are two kinds of resorts you should be guided by:

1. The Resort for a Number

Many of The Alps’ resorts are low technology, meaning they only have a few computers and other gadgets that we are used to. In a way, this is a good thing, since people who want to rest from all the hoopla of city life can definitely enjoy their time in quiet and solitude of nature while doing many fun things.

Due to this, many families (mostly with both parents working and have a few children) come along or hike along the Alps as a sort of vacation and break from all office work while spending quality time with their children.


Flachau – Image source: Flickr

Resorts to cater such numbers sprouted along the trails towards the peaks of the mountain ranges, offering many fun things to do for those with families. Most resorts have a few things in mind for children such as a fun nursery, beginners’ ski lessons and sled riding.

Meanwhile, while the kids learn and have fun, the adults can relax in the resort (probably soak in a tub) or go out for a few exercise that will definitely make you fit and healthier (combined with the fresh mountain air).

In a way, these resorts hit two things with one stone since the parents can have their time while the children are encourage to learn by themselves and have fun on the great outdoors, which is pretty rare for kids these days.

If you are looking for this kind of places to stay at, then there’s quite a lot on the list. A few examples include La Rosiere of France, Oberstdorf of Germany, and Saas-Fee of Switzerland.

 2. The Resort Fit for One or Two

On the other hand, if you are looking for an adventure fit for you and your partner, or simply for yourself alone, then a few resorts also have packages that will take up your time and attention.

Another type of resort is that which has many activities geared for the enjoyment of young ones, such as those in their twenties and those couple without children. Since, there are no children around; the fun is more on adult activities and activities that can be done alone. Examples of these are intermediate and expert skiing and snowboarding activities.

Les Menuires

Les Menuires – Image source: Flickr

Aside from that, most of this kind of resorts has a busier nightlife compared to family kind resorts. The nightlife is taken to a peak by the soaring bars and lounges, fit for those who love taking a sip or two of a good drink while looking out into the glacier covered mountains.

In a way, this kind of resorts is similar to those on typical seaside resorts but with an added charm made possible by the surroundings it is established in. They promote fun that many young ones crave for.

If it’s this kind of resort you’re looking for, then there is a long list to choose from. One example of this is the Pinzolo in Italy.

After looking out for the kind of resort you think will be fit for your needs, then it will be easier to come up with a shorter list to choose from and eventually book from. This will make preparations quicker and the fun easier.

Thus, if you’re planning for your next trip to the Alps, start thinking now!

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