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4 Food Markets You Must Visit When You Are in London, England

Food Market in London

London is known for its street markets, food vendors, street food caravans and its international cuisine. If you are thinking of buying a flight to London and fancy swapping your fine dining experience for a more relaxed and down-to-earth food experience, below is a list of four food markets you must visit while you’re in London.

1 Borough Market

Borough Market is the queen of all markets when it comes to artisan chefs. It is located in the south London borough of Southwark and dates back to the twelfth century. The market boasts a wider range of stalls that sell street food, organic vegetables, homemade bread, duck sandwiches, spicy African stews, among many other tasty delights.

It also serves as a wholesale market and supplier to greengrocers across the whole of London. Expect it to be busy. Expect queues. Expect music. And expect very good food!

There are no fees to access the market. It is open Monday to Saturday and closed on public holidays. Please note that opening and closing times vary depending on which day of the week it is, so please check the market’s official website in advance for further details.

Food Market in London

2 Boxpark Croydon

Fancy brunch? Or a quick bite to eat? Or perhaps a three-course meal while standing would do the trick for you. Check out Boxpark Croydon. The innovators behind this structured food market have painted over abandoned and recycled shipping containers and turned them into mini restaurants and food vendors. It is quite a sight to see and you can find Mexican to African cuisine in this one-of-a-kind spot.

Boxpark Croydon is on a mission to breathe new life to the area’s dining landscape, and often has non-food related events going on, such as international football matches on wide screens or acoustic sessions with the independent and local musical talent.

You may find art exhibitions, workout classes, jewellery-making workshops or even spoken word performances at various points in the year. As such, entertainment is provided right alongside your casual dining experience.

As the boxpark houses various food outlets, it is worth checking the cuisines in advance as well as the varying opening and closing times online.

3 Brixton Village

Brixton is a thriving, vibrant hub of eclectic, independent designers and brilliant food market stalls that offer Jamaican, African, Spanish and French cuisine. If you are looking for something out of this world when it comes to food, Brixton is the place for you.

Located in the south London borough of Lambeth, Brixton has a prominent street market that sells wholesale and retail portions of vegetables, spices, seasonings and street food.

Please be aware that opening and closing times may vary on certain days of the week, as well as on public and bank holidays.

4 Camden Market

Camden Market is well known for its Jamican and Asian cuisine. Vendors from the local neighbourhood and other boroughs in London congregate at this market to sell dishes from authentic, generational recipes. The food here is hearty and good for the soul. The market is well situated by Camden Locks where you can take a leisurely stroll to work off all the calories you probably gained while eating all the street food your wallet could buy!

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