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Here Are 3 Quick Ways to Clean Your Hammock, Don’t Leave it to Smell!


If you think you can just leave your hammock be, once you’re done using it, then you ought to think twice. You can’t just simply store it. You have to clean it and store it properly so that you can use it again if you need to.

If you don’t, then the smell and dirt will stick to it, making it hard to use the next time you find a need for them. Moreover, at times it can lead to more wear and tear, which can lead to a broken or unusable hammock.


Hammock – Image source: Flickr

However, you can’t just simply put it inside the washing machine and turn the washer on. Not handling it properly will entangle the handles with the rope body, making it hard to store, or worse break it.

Proper handling must be observed. Follow these three quick ways and ways and you’ll be finish, without any hassle, in no time:

1. Tie the hammock.

The first thing you ought to do when you’re planning to clean the hammock is to tie it properly. This will make sure that your hammock will not be entangled and break.

To do this, hold together the two end rings of the hammock, folding it in half. Then tie the part under the two end rings together, to keep the two ends from getting entangled with other parts.

After that, tie the middle part of the hammock as well, to secure the string body part of the said hammock. If you’re washing it using a washing machine, then you ought to place the tied hammock inside a pillowcase, before sealing the later with rope.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to hand wash it, then you should just let it be (you don’t have to put the hammock inside a pillowcase). Simply immerse the hammock in a big enough sink or a tub.

After doing this, the machine itself will agitate the hammock. If you’re doing it manually, then try to agitate the water until you feel that the hammock is clean. If its clean, you can then untie it and hang it in the open to dry properly.

2. Let it dry properly.

After washing, make sure that the hammock is left to dry completely. It will not do if it’s still damp or is only partly dry. This can affect the material, leaving it with smell.

In order to do this, you simply have to hang the hammock somewhere with enough heat. Make sure that it is spread, so as to allow every part to dry properly. Do not fold it to save space. Instead of drying faster, it will take longer to dry.

3. Store it properly.

After making sure that the hammock is completely dried, you have to store it in a clean, dry, place, away from rodents and other elements that can damage it.

To make sure, tie it again and keep it in a sturdy container or a good storage bag. If you prefer to keep it in a storage bag, make sure that it is sturdy enough to last any kind of weather and any kind of situation.

Colorful Hammocks Hanged

Colorful Hammocks Hanged – Image source: Flickr

If not, you can always store it in a good place (such as a garage or a storage room) and simply hang it in its metal edges. Though this can mean that dust and mildew can get close to it, you can always use dry detergent to clean it all back up when you need it again

Make sure you follow these quick steps and everything’s going to be alright. After all, these steps were designed and tried many times on different kinds of hammocks in order to ensure its proper cleaning and storage.

After all, we ought to keep our things in good shape so that we can use it again the next time we need it. It will be a waste to throw things you only used once (and was damaged due to improper care) and keep buying stuff.

Keep in mind that we ought to preserve and conserve. If you agree with this, start with one small thing you use once in a while, such as camping gear and sleeping equipment (such as a hammock).

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