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Hide Your Money! 8 Helpful Ways in Securing Your Money While Travelling

Hide Your Money! 8 Helpful Ways in Securing Your Money While Travelling - wallet

Whenever you travel, money is always one of the most important things that you need to bring with you. That is why we always need to decided how much to bring along with us and where to keep it for safety. Travelling in unfamiliar places poses the risk of getting robbed or pickpocketed. That is how we find inventive ways in securing our money.

Using a money belt is always a good way to carry money with you. It is the most common thing to do. The thieves know about them but it would still be tricky for strangers to know if it has a hidden compartment or not. And it’s not something others can easily get at quickly. It is one of the recommended ways to carry money with you while you travel.

If you want to be more creative in hiding your money, your options are unlimited. You can also get ideas from these helpful ways in securing your money while travelling. It never hurts to know a few tricks here and there.

Hide Your Money! 8 Helpful Ways in Securing Your Money While Travelling - wallet

Do you only keep money in your wallet? Image Source: Pixabay

1. Don’t keep money in one place

That is the most basic rule in securing your money. If you keep it in one place, then you risk a lot in losing everything once your wallet or money bag is taken. And we both know that we definitely don’t want that to happen.  So use several purses. You can try having a separate coin purse for small change. It’s helpful if you want to use it for tips and such.

2. Don’t carry too much cash

Carrying too much cash is risky. Now that we live in a world of electronic banking and credit or debit cards, you can store your money more securely. ATM machines are visible in major cities all over the world. International transaction fees may apply if you use them frequently. So try to manage the amount of cash you have on hand and estimate how often you might need to withdraw. If you can, try to just have enough for at least a few days to a week.

3. Use necklace pouches

Necklace pouches are those thin, light pouches you can hang around your neck. They are mostly used for carrying your passport securely under your shirt. You can put some money or your credit card and other important papers inside. You can keep it close to your person all the time. Pickpockets will have a hard time with it because they would need to reach under your shirt to get to it.

Hide Your Money! 8 Helpful Ways in Securing Your Money While Travelling - pocket

DIY a secret pocket. Image Source: Pixabay

4. Try a DIY secret pocket

If you have some old pants, you can cut one of its pockets and attach inside of the pants that you will use for travelling with a safety pin. You can remove it anytime and just transfer it to a different set of pants. Or you can attach one for each of your pants. It is not easily noticeable. Any pickpocket will not be able to steal its contents unless they reach down into your pants or taking them off. If you are keeping your passport there as well, just prepare to have some awkward looks from others if you need to take it out during security checks and such.

5. Hide it in your shoes

Some shoes have inner soles that can be removed easily. If you have one of those, and are planning to use it when you travel, you can put some money under each one of them. It’s your emergency money. Although, just be careful though if the shoes that you are putting money in are expensive and attractive to thieves. You might as well try to find a different place to hide you money.

6. Stick it in the razor handle

Hide Your Money! 8 Helpful Ways in Securing Your Money While Travelling - razor

Hide money in your razor. Image Source: Pixabay

Some razors have gaps in the middle of their handles. You can roll a bill and insert it there. Just make sure to remember not to throw the razor away and leave it in your hygiene travel kit. It’s like hiding your money in plain sight.

7. Stick it in your jacket or shirt hem

At the hem of some shirts or jackets, there is a small hole where the shirt ends. You can try to roll a bill and insert it there. This is actually something that students have used in the past (and present) as a hiding place for their cheat sheets in their uniforms.  The idea is not so bad to borrow when you are using it to keep your money safe.

Hide Your Money! 8 Helpful Ways in Securing Your Money While Travelling - cell phone

Some smart phones have removable back covers to hide money in. Image Source: Pixabay

8. Hide your money inside your phone

This is a trick I have used time and time again. If your phone back cover can be removed, you can put one bill there. You can also put money in between your phone and the phone case. Of course, you need to make sure afterwards to you take good care not to lose your phone. It would be a double whammy if you lose both your phone and the money inside it.

There are really a lot of ways in hiding your money. The options are endless. All you just need is to be creative in concealing your cash. I hope the things I listed above can help you in securing your money while travelling. Stay safe and secure!

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