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Holidays In Canada With Your Family

toronto canada holidays in canada

Canada is the best place if you are adventurous, wildlife enthusiast, junkie and culturally adaptable. It is known for the varied landscape and geographical features. It has wider prairies, glacier topped mountains, beautiful coastlines, emerald lakes and frozen tundra. It is considered as one of the best places to have ultimate fun and enjoyment and take a break from the hectic life.

How to reach Canada?

There are many ways to reach Canada. You can choose for the Air, water or Road ways.

Air way- There are several international flights from all the parts of the world to Canada. You can make your bookings and reach your holiday destination without any trouble. The fares of the flights to Canada usually increase during the months of December- April due the Skiing season.

Famous Airports of Canada

The major airports of Canada are Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Ottawa International Airport, Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Calgary International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport. In addition, there are many domestic airports as well. The country is well connected to different parts of the world allowing the backpackers from all round the world to have fun.

Railways-You can choose to visit Canada by train also.  The Canada railways connect with some parts of the US but there are no cross borders train facilities. The only road that provides entrance to Canada by driving is via southern border with United States and with that of Alaska from the west.

Waterways- Canada has many international shipping ports. You can choose to visit Canada either by a cruise ships or by river route.

  • Famous Ports in Canada

The major ports in Canada are port of Vancouver, Toronto’s port, Newfoundland, Saint John and Nova Scotia.

toronto canada holidays in canada

Toronto Canada


Canada tourism

Canada is known for the cultural diversity. There are several places in the city that are worth exploring. The Atlantic Canada is a city famous for fishing that is worth to be visited. The places for Canada tourist attractions are as follows:

  • Paradise valley
  • Niagara Falls
  • Rocky mountain house
  • Quebec City
  • Toronto tower
  • Bay of fundy
  • Whistler
  • John’s SignalHill National Historic Site
  • Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba
  • Ottawa’s parliament hill
  • Old Montreal

There are many more places that can be visited and are of great attraction for the tourism in Canada. There are many amusement parks, theme parks, turquoise green lakes and national parks. Canada is a rich cultural and heritage mixed place. If you an adventure lover, you should not miss visiting Whistler. Whistler is known for the snowy mountains and the glaciers. Many tourists visit this place to enjoy skiing and other winter sports.


Old Montreal, Canada

Holiday packages to Canada

You can choose your own holiday package to Canada. Now-a-days there are many travel companies that provide for the customized travel packages to Canada. You can select the holiday package according to your taste and preference. You can select for the wildlife visits, winter holidays, fly drives in the eastern and western coast, Alaska cruises and Rocky mountaineering. You can book your holidays plan either online or offline. The payments in the online mode can be made through credit or debit card.

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