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Honeymoon Destinations You’ll Love! 5 Must Visit Cayes in Belize Islands

honeymoon in belize

Post-card beaches that invites seclusion, cozy cabanas that promises great afternoon rest, crystal clear waters that excites you for a swim…Belize is an island paradise in the Caribbean that is a perfect romantic destination for your honeymoon.

honeymoon in belize

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Located on the north-eastern coast of Central America, Belize is a country that offers an awesome experience for couples who want to spend time together with the view of oceans and beaches. Belize has many tourist attractions, and with more than 450 offshore Cayes or islands, there surely are unlimited places for you to go for sightseeing. In Belize’s stunning cays are a huge variety of marine animals and magnificent coral reefs, and you can explore them by scuba diving or snorkelling!

Do not leave Belize without exploring its Cayes, here are 5 must ones to visit.

1. Ambergris Caye

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Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize, and one of the most visited spot by tourist and travellers in western Caribbean. The Caye measures for about 58 kilometers long, San Pedro is the only town in the island and the home of approximately about 7,000 people. Visiting the island and experiencing the fresh air, white beaches and its dazzling waters abundant with different corals and marine life will make your visit relaxing as you explore the beauty of nature.

2. Laughingbird Caye

Situated on the western side of Victoria Channel, and located just 18 kilometers off to the coast Placencia Village, Laughingbird Caye is a popular attraction for tourists. The Caye is a protected national park that stands on a faro, a long narrow ridge reed that encloses a central lagoon. The abundance of marine life and large variety of coral habitats makes the Caye home to different kinds of fis. Snorkelling, diving and swimming in the caye are activities you can try.

3. Tobacco Caye

A small island located at the northern end of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve and approximately 16 kilometers from Dangriga, Tobacco Caye is popular with travellers. Perfect for couples in a honeymoon, the place is intimate, but with a social atmosphere that is relaxing and friendly. Like any other caye in Belize, you can go snorkelling, swimming, and diving.

4. St. George’s Caye

St. George’s Caye is a small caye located about 13 kilometers east of Belize City. With fantastic climate and beautiful spots, the caye is also home to resorts that offer great accommodation and delicious food. The caye was the first capital of Belize, and due to this, you can find a a number of colonial buildings that was declared as historic landmarks.

Enjoy St. George’s at night with delectable seafood and spectacular nightlife!

5. Goff’s Caye

Goff’s Caye is gorgeous island off the shore of Belize City just 1.2 acres in size and situated on the edge of the Belize Barrier Reef. Ride a boat or walk on the shores of the Goff’s Caye’s powdery white sand beach. The palm-fringed island offers its visitors a lovely sight of its aquamarine waters that exude an invigorating and relaxing mood. Fill your eyesight with its majestic splendour as you see clear blue sunny skies. The island is loved my tourist for its spectacular diving opportunities.

Whether you are on a honeymoon or a romantic holiday, Belize is an island to visit. With beaches and numerous water activities to choose from, you and you partner will definitely enjoy.

It is also worth noting to plan your vacation in Belize ahead of time. The best time to visit Belize is from late November to mid-April as the weather condition is perfect for tourists. However, these dates spells spending as it is the peak. Many tourists from all over the world visit the country and accommodation prices may soar.

One of the best hacks to save some bucks for your honeymoon travel expense is to book ahead. Also, speak to a good travel agent in your area to provide you with assistance. Travel agents often know the best deals from accommodation to activities so you can have the peace of mind that you will be taken good care of.

Explore Belize and enjoy the Cayes!

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