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6 Travel Tips To Hong Kong That Tourists Might Not Know

Tips and Advice When Traveling To Hong Kong For The First Time
Facts about Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is an ideal destination because of its rich culture, shopping areas, modern infrastructures and use of international languages. It is an open place for all. Formerly ruled by Great Britain, Hong Kong was now officially handed over to China in 1997.

Foreigners will not have to worry about the trip since Cantonese (Chinese) and English are Hong Kong’s official languages although, you just have to deal with hand signals like playing charades with street market vendors and housekeepers. The currency here is Hong Kong dollar. You can purchase an Octopus Card so you can experience a hassle-free payment in buses, trains, restaurants, fast food and convenience stores, vending machines and many more.

Tips and Advice When Traveling To Hong Kong For The First Time

Yes you are really familiar with the above information but you have not reached Hong Kong yet. To prepare your vacation to this place, here’s the information you will rarely find on travel guides.

1. If  travel with agencies, keep the Disneyland entrance ticket

There is a time that you expect a sunny day since you have watched the weather news but unexpectedly, the rain occurs. If you are on a tour package and the tourist guide had given you the tickets to the Disneyland, instead of continuing to enter the amusement park with the not so nice weather, ask the Disneyland ticket counter about the date of your ticket validity. If the tickets can still be used on another day, just go on that date so you can take many rides as possible.

2. Be careful when shopping

Hong Kong has upscale shopping districts but in case of shopping in small stores, just be sure that you search or ask the store staff if the branded items you will be buying is authentic or a knockoff.

In street markets, you can look on their goods but beware because if you touch the items and the street vendors feel that you won’t buy anything from them, they will be rude to you. They can curse and shout at you if you will just take a picture of their goods without telling them.

3. About the people

Professional hotel staff are very polite. When you are asking directions on decent looking passersby, they will be glad to help you and majority of them can speak English.

You have to bring your own tissue and water when you enter food stalls and small restaurants. It is because you will pay for these literally. It is cheaper to bring a gallon of water (or gallons if you can) checked-in from your home country or buy in groceries.

4. Great for shopping branded items

Since no sales tax on buying imported goods and well-known brands, you can shop for these without breaking your wallet. There are many shops offering discounts and big sales. Some clothing and shoe stores sell rejected items. Take advantage of this because the rejected items have defects that are unnoticeable.

Tips and Advice When Traveling To Hong Kong For The First Time

5. Search and come to travel agencies in Hong Kong

There are legitimate local travel agencies that can offer you discounted tickets for families and groups. Be ready for your personal relations skills so even if you can only speak English to them, you can gain their trust to offer you the best deals.

6. A hotel directly connected to ferry terminal

If you are looking for a hotel and at the same time are planning to go to Macau or other ferry destinations, the easiest way will be to check-in at Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers. This hotel is located at Tsim Tsa Shui (Canton Road). It is near to shopping districts and MTR (Mass Transit Railway).

You can see great natural landscapes and reach many destinations by riding trains in Hong Kong. Now, that you have been informed about this, you are now prepared to travel. Hong Kong is a must-see for tourist and travelers.

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