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How to Celebrate in Style

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Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or housewarming, everyone loves an excuse to celebrate. Making your celebration truly special and personal is a great way to make memories that will last forever and give yourself and your guests an experience that they will cherish for a long time to come. Regardless of your occasion or your budget, here are just a few ideas on how to celebrate in style.


Deciding on a location can make a huge difference to the whole celebration. Think about what you are celebrating, what you plan to do, and the atmosphere you want to create. You could go all out and treat yourself and your guests to a trip on the water with party yacht rentals, cruising around in absolute luxury, or you can hire a sophisticated townhouse for a black-tie event. Whatever you do, it is also important to work out how many people you are inviting, as this will also affect where you choose to celebrate. You don’t want to be squeezing 50 people into your backyard, but you also don’t want to rent out a whole restaurant for a small gathering!


Planning a celebration without consulting your guests about their availability could end in disaster, as they may already have other plans. Working out when everyone is available can be very tricky, as plans are always changing, but luckily there are a few ways to do this with minimal hassle. Online calendar tools allow you to input all your potential dates and invite your guests to fill in when they are or aren’t available. These tools are a great way to keep up to date with everyone’s availability in one place and quickly make any edits!


No one can predict the weather perfectly or control what it does. No matter how many times you check the forecast, it can change so quickly, turning your backyard BBQ into a dash for cover! In general, it is best to plan outdoor events for the warmer months. Try to match your plans with what the weather could be doing. Fireworks on a cloudy night can be pretty disappointing, and no one wants a beach party in the rain. Preparation is key when it comes to unpredictable weather. If you want to celebrate outside, make sure you have some forms of heating for when it gets chilly, or put up a gazebo so that you can escape from those rain showers!


It is important to be as eco-conscious as possible, and this includes when you are celebrating! It might be tempting to go for single-use plastic cups, plates, and cutlery, but these can have a hugely negative effect on the planet, which is decidedly not stylish. Classic party supplies such as lanterns, balloons, and confetti are also not very green, but luckily there are plenty of alternatives to keep your celebration as environmentally friendly as possible! Using compostable items, rice paper decorations, and biodegradable confetti are just a few of the small changes you can make to help stay green whilst having fun!


Whatever your budget, you will be able to find a way to celebrate that works for you and is enjoyable. With some celebrity parties pushing over $1 million, it is no wonder that some may want to go all out. Luckily, there are ways to do this without breaking the bank. Being inventive with your celebration plans can help bring costs down and make the event even more memorable. For example, why not invite your friends to bring a dish or drink each? If you invest in good quality party supplies, the chances are that you can reuse them. Not only is this friendly on the pocket, it is also friendly to the environment. 

Other ways you can save money whilst having a great celebration including providing your own music and activities. Making a playlist that everyone can contribute to is a good idea, as everyone gets to listen to music they enjoy at a very low cost. Activities such as treasure hunts, murder mysteries, and other party games like board games or video games are also very low cost and can provide some brilliant memories. No matter your budget, there are plenty of things to do to make your celebration truly special. 


Will your celebration have a theme? No matter the occasion, everyone loves an excuse to dress up. Whether you pick a fancy dress, murder mystery, a specific time period, or your favorite movies, themes can help give your celebration some guidance and direction, as well as making it easier to choose what to wear. Your food, drink, decorations, music, and even locations can also correspond with your theme to make it the ultimate night to remember. A theme can also influence your entertainment and activities for the celebration, with murder mystery parties being a great way to get creative and have fun at the same time. 


Food and drink are a huge part of the majority of celebrations, and menus can cause a lot of stress. You will need to take into account your budget, number of guests, and any dietary requirements, as well as how much you think you will eat and how long things will take to cook. It can help a lot to hire a catering company, who can take care of this for you and alleviate some of the stress. Other alternatives include dining out or getting your guests to bring some kind of dish each. It is important to make sure you cater to your guests’ requirements to make sure that everyone is as satisfied as possible, which includes making sure dietary requirements are adhered to and your choices of drinks. 


When you have spent so much time and energy on a celebration, you want to be able to remember it! There are so many great ways to gather memories of a night and cherish them forever. Why not place disposable cameras around the location, and ask people to take photos whenever they see one. The joy of a disposable camera is that you cannot edit the images, and you won’t know what they are until you get them developed. Disposable cameras are also pretty cheap and readily available and don’t require any specialist photography knowledge to use them.

Guest books are also brilliant ways to record memories of a celebration and are great souvenirs to keep and look back on. Another option is that you can also create a dazzling video collage using a video collage maker with your own video clips from your gallery to create your memories of the celebration.

Other options include professional photographers and photo booths, which you can hire to be used during your celebration. A professional photographer may be more costly, but it will guarantee beautiful, high-quality images of your celebration. Photo booths are a lot of fun, especially when props are involved, and are great to pop on the fridge or in scrapbooks to make you smile!

What to wear

What you wear is obviously impacted by many of the items on this list. Consider the weather, your planned activities, and location when you’re deciding what to wear. High heels or a three-piece suit may look great, but they won’t feel too comfortable on the beach. If you have chosen a theme, this can make your costume decisions slightly easier, as you have some kind of guidance. You can even rent many fancy dress costumes so that you don’t have to spend money on something you won’t wear often. Overall, it is important to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear to ensure that you have the best time possible.

*photo by collinsdirk/pixabay

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