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How to Get Food Delivery for Everyone

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One of the great difficulties of life in the 21st century is in trying to get takeout for a large group of people. If you have any more than a few individuals trying to get takeout, you’re likely to spend hours and hours trying to figure out what you’re going to order so that you can find a place that works best for everyone. If this is a problem you struggle with, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Here are a few ways you can get delivery for everyone in your crew.

1. Come to Terms on a Single Place That Works for Everyone

The first option, and the one that many people initially go to, is basically just to compromise. Everyone puts in their desires, and based on that, you choose a single place that everyone’s at least okay with. You may have some people who are less happy with the final result than others, but at least you’ll end up getting delivery for everyone.

2. Switch Off Choosing Spots

Another option is to set up a rotation for everyone in the group. This works best if you have a group that regularly orders out together; families and couples often utilize this option. Every time you order, you just go to the next person, switching off and allowing that person to choose wherever they want to go out to eat. This is a great option for people who are pretty flexible, so everyone will probably be happy even when someone else is choosing the place.

3. Use the 5-2-1 Rule

The 5-2-1 rule is a unique way for two people to determine where they want to get delivery. The first person comes up with five potential places they’re happy to deliver from. The other person chooses their two favorites out of those five. Then, the first person selects their preferred location from the two. That way, both people are involved in choosing the dinner place and they both get to find a great compromise. However, it doesn’t work very well with more than two people.

4. Use a Delivery App to Get Individual Deliveries

If you want to make sure that everyone gets what they want, you might want to try a delivery app like Doordash, where you can get individual deliveries for each person. Plus, if you’re worried about the extra fees and prices that come along with ordering delivery, you can look for Doordash promo codes and coupons to save a little more on your order.

It’s Possible to Get Food That Makes Everyone Happy

Just because you haven’t found a place yet for your entire group to get dinner, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do so. As a matter of fact, it’s completely possible to get food that makes everyone happy – you just have to know how to do it. These four tips will help you get food delivery that makes it possible for everyone to get the things they love with no problems.

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