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How To Keep Your Jeep Safe for Winter 2023

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Owning a Jeep comes with a lot of opportunities for fun and exploration, but taking care of your vehicle during winter months can significantly differ from summertime, depending on where you live. If most of your driving occurs in a region that experiences heavy snowfall and frequent ice, then you need to take steps to keep your Jeep safe this winter. 

Inspect Your Brakes

When it comes to icy roads, one of the biggest dangers that drivers face is faulty brakes. For this reason, one of the first things you should do when inspecting your Jeep for winter upgrades is to check the brakes. If it is time for replacements, consider investing in performance brake kits that have a reputation for being durable. Jeeps generally have a lot of power and need a set of brakes that are equally powerful. 

Prioritize Visibility

To stay safe, you need to be able to see when you are on the road. In winter, snow, sleet, rain, wind and fog can all negatively impact visibility. Thinking ahead not only helps keep you safe but also reduces risks to other drivers. 

Windshield Wipers

When was the last time you changed your windshield wipers? For Jeep owners who live in snowy areas, buying winter wipers should be a top priority. Compared to other vehicle upgrades, this tends to be a relatively low-cost investment that can have a huge impact on safety.


Something else to think about is the condition of your Jeep’s mirrors. If they are broken or missing, be sure to replace them. When temperatures drop, ice and fog can block vision in mirrors, so consider looking at heated mirror options.

Get Tonneau Covers for Cargo Protection

Many Jeep owners love their vehicles because of the cargo capacity. With that said, the winter months can present challenges, especially for individuals who have soft tops on their Jeeps. To keep your cargo safe and dry, consider retractable bed covers that work for your vehicle.

Pay Attention to Your Tires

Another way to keep your Jeep safe for winter is by paying attention to the tires. As a best practice, keep a tire-pressure gauge in your glove box at all times, and regularly monitor tire pressure. When you notice wear and tear on your current set or you need to switch to winter-friendly tires, look into upgrades and replacements.

Change Out Your Soft Top With a Hardtop

Staying safe while driving in winter often comes down to changing out various car accessories, and the same is true concerning your Jeep’s top. If you have been driving around town with a soft top during the warmer months and you face a snowy winter in the near future, it could be helpful to change out your soft top for a hardtop before the cold weather arrives. 

How do you feel about driving your Jeep this winter? Prioritizing safety is a major component of owning any vehicle. If you currently have a Jeep, let these tips guide you for a safe and enjoyable driving experience this winter. 

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