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How to Plan Your Montreal Move

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Most people hate the thought of, not the move into the new home, but everything else that is involved in the move. The hardest thing for most families is packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking all the household items. The real truth is that preparing and organizing for the move is more difficult than the move.

Even if you plan on using a moving company, there are still things that you must do to prepare for your belongings to be packed and moved to your new home. Of course, just finding the right company for your déménagement Montreal can be very hard. The best way to find the right moving company that fits your needs is by asking family and friends who they used when they moved as well as asking for references from the company. Always ask for a quote and ensure that you ask about extra charges especially if you will need to store some of the items. You will need to ensure that you can afford a moving company along with your own expenses involved in the move. Of course, if you are just moving around the corner, fuel will not be a major concern. On the other hand if you are moving to another province the cost of fuel can be quite a bit more. Always have extra money, just in case of an emergency such as car repairs.

If you will be packing your own belongings you should ensure that you have the proper boxes that were designed for the items you will be packing. There are a variety of boxes available often sold at moving companies such as for glassware and dishes. Once you begin organizing your belongings and packing them it is best to start with one room at a time and be sure to mark each box so you know what is in each box and the room.

Heavy furniture will be loaded in the truck first with heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top. Ensure that any box that has breakables inside is clearly marked so they can be well protected during the move. It is best if you first pack on the items you will need immediately after the move so you can easily find these. In many cases, you can place these items in luggage so you can transport these personal items in your vehicle instead of having them loaded on the moving truck.

The personal items you should keep with you include medications, first aid kit, makeup, shaving items, and other items you would normally use on a daily basis. If you are moving to a new province, you should also have prescriptions for any of the medication you are taking at the time.

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