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How To Prepare and Enjoy Fruits And Veggies When Travelling With These 8 Simple Ways

healthy snacks

You can eat healthy snacks while travelling. It does not mean bringing lots of fruits and vegetables and having a hassle to know if these are allowed on your flight. You will just have to bring a small bag of healthy snacks for your travel and vacation then, you can just buy fruits and vegetables on your destination or if those are expensive, you will just make a salad or pack some cherries and apple slices on your accommodation and bring these when you are on the go.

Doing this will not make yourself turn into a hungry cookie monster and it’s better to have a bit of inconvenience bringing these stuff than breaking your wallet and buying canned fruits and veggies. Avoid getting sick while travelling. Here’s how to pack and eat healthy snacks while you are on the trip.

healthy snacks

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1. Plan your snacks for the itinerary and know the airport rules

Pack your snacks accordingly to avoid overspending or food shortage. Airports don’t allow people to bring a Durian (a native fruit from Southeast Asia) because of its terrible smell (but a really delicious one). They can allow you to bring this if you pack this fruit correctly. Just search “how to pack a durian” on the Internet. Look for the airline website or call them if they prohibit special or exotic fruits for the flight.

2. Have an accommodation where there is a mini-fridge

It will be best if you have a fridge so you can store your fresh snacks for a couple of days. You can also buy a plain yogurt and garnish it with blueberries. If there is no fridge, you can just bring a cooler.

3. Eat at a grocery or an organic food place

If the airport is not too far from you and you can go there in the afternoon, have a healthy breakfast on a grocery or organic food place on your way.

4. Juice your fruits

Juice your fruits sounds like juicy fruit. Squeeze oranges or better, have your fruits and veggies juiced with the help of a high quality juicer like Hurom or Breville. After juicing, pour this into a tumbler and you are ready to bring vegetable and fruit mixes into a one drink. It is the most convenient way to mix and consume vitamins and minerals from different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

5. Research if there are vegetarian restaurants

Do your homework of finding vegetarian friendly foods so you don’t have to waste your vacation time looking for these. If you cannot find this kind of restaurants, it’s good to make your own salad and bring a small pack in these restaurants so you can order a soup and have a vegetable meal without forcing yourself to eat meat.

6. Bring a tea bag and a mug

It is better to bring mug than bringing Styrofoam cups. It is not only good for the environment but also you can enjoy a hot cup of tea using your own tea bag. If you are planning to bring a can of natural tea, make sure this kind of herb or tea is not illegal to bring in your destination country.

7. Instead of eating junk foods, try eating veggie sticks

Most of the family vacationers want Lays, Planters, Cheetos, and many more delicious chips to eat inside the car. The bad effect is their hands will become messy and crumbs will be falling off the car floor. Just pack a small plastic bag or cup of dressing and dip

healthy snacks for adults

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there the celery and carrot sticks. You can bring slices of mangoes and apples and have these dipped in a few chocolate or caramel dip. Too much dips will defeat the purpose of eating healthy snacks.

If you are really lazy to prepare veggie or fruit snacks, try to buy apple or vegetable chips on a health store.

8. Don’t miss the opportunity to try exotic fruits

If you have a spare money, try their local versions of fruits. Have these sliced and taste its bits. You can enjoy comparing these fruits but the important is, don’t miss the opportunity to try exotic fruits such as eating fresh Dragon fruit, Durian, Jackfruit, Buddha’s hand, Dandelion greens, etc.

If bringing your exotic fruits are allowed as checked-in items, arrange your things and make a space on your baggage for these fruits. With this, you will avoid the hassle of re-arranging your baggage items at the airport if your baggage exceeds your supposedly baggage allowance.

Live and eat healthy! Maintain your strong body by packing this healthy snacks. You don’t have to buy expensive salads at restaurants. Hunting for exotic fruits and vegetables is a nice way to have an adventure travel and you can add this to your wonderful foodie experience.

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