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How To Start Your Italian Venture Easily With An Investor Visa

Investor Visa Italy

Entrepreneurs are driven by passion and ambition that gives them the courage to navigate the challenging journey. Many think beyond only establishing a startup and go a step ahead by venturing into international markets. Italy is an excellent destination for entrepreneurs with a global business dream.

Besides a favorable tax and regulatory landscape, the country has much more to offer. You can explore a lucrative local market and even extend your reach to the EU markets. Immigration is a breeze with the Italian investor visa. If you are keen to know about this route, the entire process is well-explained on website. Let us explain how to start your Italian startup venture with an investor visa.

Explore the options for investment

While the Italian investor visa is mainly about bringing a hefty investment in the country, it need not be out of your budget. You have multiple alternatives, and one of these may easily work for you. A startup funding of €250,000 can make you eligible for an investor visa. You may bring €500,000 for an established company, fund a public welfare project with €1 million as a donation or buy Italian government bonds worth €2 million. Explore these options and choose the one you are comfortable with.

Have your bank statements at hand

Once you decide on the investment option, you must get started with the project. Luckily, it is fast and easy as you only need to complete two steps. You will have to get a nulla osta or certificate of no impediment in the first stage. The good thing is that you need not bring the money at this stage, only bank statements validating them are enough. After obtaining the nulla osta, you can apply for the investor visa right away. Both steps are easy as nulla osta requires an online application, while you can apply for the investor visa at your local consulate.

Bring the funds as you land

After entering Italy with an investor visa, you get a residence permit to live and work in the country. But remember to bring your committed funds when you land, as you have to deposit them within three months of getting the residence permit. Not doing so means you will have to leave Italy because the authorities will revoke your visa. Once you deposit the money, you are free to pursue your entrepreneurial vision.

Grow your business across the EU

The residence permit of Italy empowers you in more than one way. You can start a life with your family, set up a business in the country, and access the education and healthcare benefits. You can even travel across the EU without a visa, so you have the opportunity to extend your business across the entire region. It is the chance to realize the vision of a global enterprise.

Fulfill your citizenship goals

An investor visa is the first step to reaching your citizenship goals. You will probably want to stay here for good after establishing a business. The investor visa sets the stage for citizenship by naturalization. It converts to a residence permit first and permanent residence after five years. You can apply for citizenship by naturalization after spending a decade in the country.

Starting a business venture in Italy is easier than you imagine. It is mainly because the immigration part is easy. You can rely on an investor visa to get a head start and move quickly towards the fulfillment of your entrepreneurial dreams.

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