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If You Can Camp, You Can Also Hike: Adventure’s Perfect Combination

Hiking and Camping with Everyone

Staying at home and watching television or listening to music is overrated. You need to go out and expose yourself! You need to have fun! The problem is, how will you have this “fun”?


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If you don’t have anything to do, why don’t you try going on a hike? Hiking is a good activity wherein you’ll get the chance to exercise on a beautiful trail while going towards a destination. You can see a lot of things and learn a lot of lessons, especially of nature.


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If not, why don’t you go on a camping trip? Camping will help you experience the great outdoors with a more depth. You can stay for the night at a good campground and be able to build a fire, wherein you can cook meals the old fashioned way.

If you’re still not convinced, how about trying both: hiking and camping? Doing each of the two will be fun on its own way, but nothing can beat it if the two is combined. It is a perfect fit and a perfect combination.

You might want to know why this is so. Here are a few reasons why these two complement each other best:

1. Hiking can be done on campgrounds.

Most of the time, the journey towards a good campground requires a person to walk towards it. This means that you have to do a bit of hiking before camping. Upon arriving, you can always see a trail or two on famous campgrounds, wherein people can go on a hike if they want to.

Other times, hiking parks have their own campgrounds. So if you want to camp before continuing with the hike, you can always do so. After you’ve rested for the night, you can always continue with the trail. Both cases are quiet common nowadays.

This means that many experts know and believe that the two are quiet a match since they automatically pair one with the other, as can be seen on campgrounds and hiking parks.

2. Hiking and camping are for everyone.

Aside from that, both activities can be done by everyone, may it be a man, woman, or a child. There are times when you can even bring a pet along.

Hiking and Camping with Everyone

Image source: Flickr

Since both are ideal for all ages, it can be a good activity for a family vacation or outing, a group of friends’ get together, and even a lovers’ romantic getaway. It can even be done when on a reunion!

Since both can be done by everyone separately, then doing both will be no problem at all. It’s fairly easy and is more fun that way.

3. Hiking and camping do not cost much.

Lastly, hiking and camping are perfect together since doing both does not cost much, compared to other activities.

As stated in the first reason, you can do one when you’re doing the other, depending on the destination you’ve decided. You can go on a trail while on the camping grounds. And you can also go camping while on a hiking park.

Since this is the case, most of the time, the fee is not that costly when you decide to camp after you’ve paid for hiking. If you’re on a camping ground, going on a trail is mostly free. If not, you can always take a package, featuring both activities. This way, you can even have a discount on both activities since most places offer these kinds of packages.

Moreover, if you book in advance, the cost will be lesser and you can even choose which campground and trail you want to experience. These are some advantages of early booking.

If these reasons are still not enough for you, browse the internet for stories and confessions of other travelers who tried both at the same time. Surely, you’ll understand why doing both is better than doing each separately.

Camping and hiking are fun things to do, which can be more enjoyable if you combine them together. They add twists to the normal routines backpackers do and even lessen the disadvantages of each. If you’re still not convinced, why don’t you sign up for these activities and book either a camping ground or a hiking park? After all, you can only truly believe in something once you’ve tried it.

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