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7 Best Kid-Friendly Activities to Try in Karachi, Pakistan

karachi pakistan

As the Sindh province’s capital and Pakistan’s largest city—12th largest city in the world, in fact— Karachi features a population of 20 million and the cosmopolitan exuberance of a city of its size. It’s located along the Arabian Sea coast, at the country’s southernmost tip.

The former Pakistani capital is also quite the impressive tourist center, offering the best that Pakistan has to offer when it comes to kid-friendly activities. Let’s now discuss the best kid-friendly activities to try in Karachi, Pakistan.

1. Visit the PAF Museum

Museums might seem quaint to some when they’re entering a new country, but not in the eyes of a child. Remember your own childhood, where you get inspiring memories of stories long past. You can discover Pakistan’s air force history with the Pakistan Air Force Museum.

It’s a must visit for little kids because of the multitude of aircraft models on display. They can collect quite a lot of info regarding Pakistani aviation history to boot. This interactive tour is available for less than a dollar or 60 cents per head. Children under 3 enter for free.

2. Swim at the Sea View Beach

Another kid-friendly activity to engage in that’s fun for the whole family is swimming at Karachi’s world-famous Sea View Beach. This is an always open natural attraction filled with activities galore, such as walking in the powdery sand, making sandcastles, sunbathing, and other beach-related fun.

Many positive formative childhood memories can be had as your kids wear flip-flops and comfy summer clothes in the hot summer sun while carrying a small bucket to do things like collect seashells or dig up artistic trenches.

3. Frolic at Jahangir Park

The recently renovated park is located in the middle of Saddar. The well-maintained Jahangir Park has a size of 6 acres and is known as one of the child-friendliest and most well-maintained Karachi parks. There are other parks around, but among the cleanest and most beautiful is Jahangir.

Children should love the park because it’s Jurassic Park for them with all the dinosaur models. They can climb on long necks or sharp-toothed t-rex dinos if they see fit. The park also has a small library with loads of dino info. It’s open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

4. Being Funky at the Chunky Monkey

The Chunky Monkey is a prime amusement park location. Adults might have mixed feelings going to a Karachi Chunky Monkey, but it’s a popular kids destination for a reason. If you wish to search for a place where your children can have fun with chachus, phoppho, or khalas, this is the place.

They can also enjoy themselves with rides such as the Pendulum Ride, Drop Tower, Fast Train, Pirates Ship, and Bumper Cars. It even has a nice gaming arena to boot. It’s a park that even Karachi locals go to for a fantastic time, so why not go there and enjoy it?

5. Ride Along and Game On at Sindbad

Sindbad can be found at every Dolmen Mall in Karachi. Even though it’s the oldest Karachi arena, children go there in droves. It hasn’t lost its appeal. It’s regularly maintained, clean, and has many rides to spare. It’s a cost-effective way to have some kid-friendly fun.

Your children will love to play the games in order to collect tickets and put them up at the ticket counter for a nice prize or two. They just can’t get enough of the games and the overarching activity of redeeming points on their card.

6. Have a Drink at the Owl’s Nest

If you want to dine out in Karachi, you have to choose from some of the best restaurants in Karachi. Owl’s Nest, is a must-visit place for parents and their children in Karachi. It can get difficult for those with older kids or toddlers to behave in most restaurants. Most have to get smartphones or tablets to keep their children preoccupied. Not so with Owl’s Nest.

This restaurant has loads of hands-on activities and games for kids like a local Chuck E. Cheese Pizzeria. It’s made for kids so that adults have peace of mind enjoying food and conversing while their kids occupy themselves with dozens of in-café games.

7. Have an Adventure at Onderland

Onderland is known as an “Adventure Arena” for good reason. It’s because the Onderland wonderland is filled with thrilling and bigger rides with a twist. Instead of getting the amusement park experience of buying tickets, waiting in lines, and enjoying roller coaster rides, it’s more hands-on.

This means your toddlers can play in a soft area filled with interactive activities. Older kids can also indulge in hands-on activities such as the abduction ride, Trampoline Park, and rock climbing. The staff is friendly and accommodating to boot.

*image by SHusemann/pixabay

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