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Love Angling? Tips, Tricks, and the 5 Best Fishing Destinations in Alaska

Alaska Fishing

If you think of Alaska with only icy glaciers and eskimos, you have to think again. For people who loves angling, Alaska is a paradise of fishes with a well-developed tourism that encourages thousands of anglers from all over the globe every year.

Alaska boasts a huge land area with expansive coast lines, and streams and rivers. More than filling your eyesight with the beautiful nature scenery, you can also enjoy wildlife fishing without having to bump with the crowds of locals fishing in the area.

Alaska Fishing

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Try an All-Inclusive Fishing Trip

All-inclusive fishing trips are very popular with sports fishers traveling to Alaska. This is because these sports fishers would like to focus in fishing and not waste their time looking for accommodations, restaurants, and the nitty-gritty of travel. Also, some other parts of Alaska is not accessible to ordinary cars, so taking an all-inclusive fishing trip can arrange you with small catered airplanes, off-road vehicles, and fishing boats. In some cases, travel arrangers also take care of the sport’s fishers’ meal whenever they are on the wilderness.

The 5 Best Places to Fish in Alaska

Visit Kodiak Island

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1. Bristol Bay – Love salmon? Bristol Bay is the world’s richest source of salmon! A true fishing retreat for every fishing enthusiast, the lodge can give you an ultimate adventure. After floating on the serene river wilderness, you can find relaxing rest in some of the cozy cedar cabins overlooking the panoramic views of the bay.

2. Copper River Delta, Cordova – Fishing in Copper River Delta in Cordova is one of the best. Cordova is known to the locals as Alaska’s hidden treasure with glacier-carved mountains, verdant forests, salmon and trout-rich rivers, and wildlife-filled wetlands.

3. The Kenai River – Kenai River called Kahtnu by the locals is a river in the Kenai Peninsula. It is the most popular fishing destinations in Alaska with its waters rich with chinook salmon. Every year, sports fishers visit the river to catch silver salmon, red salmon, pink salmon, and trophy sized Dolly Vardens. Summer is the best season to fish in the Kenai River.

4. Homer – Homer, Alaska is renowned for being the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World.” Locals acknowledge that sports fishers come to Homer just for halibut and fishing charters ensure that they will have a great experience. To set your expectation, halibut catch is limited to 2 per person per day and restrictions also apply. This is to protect Homer’s ecosystem.

5. Kodiak Island – Fishing in Kodiak Island is one of a kind. With variety of fishes to find from King salmon to steelheads and Dolly Varden, you can visit the place any season of the year and expect that there awaits an abundant catch. If you get lucky, there are also sightings of bears in the place as they also love to have salmon for dinner!

Plan your Fishing Trip in Alaska

Travel Kodiak Island

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Excited for your fishing trip? You have all the reasons to be! Take advantage of Google and search for deals to compare with. Do not hesitate to contact various companies and be very particular on the service they could offer. As a sport fisher, you want to be able to have fun fishing, and worrying about a place to stay may not be your best bet.

Decide for your destination early on. There are plenty of fishing locations in Alaska and deciding on where from those five will set your eyes and focus in once place. If you plan on splashing out on your fishing trip, you can choose a private island and enjoy first-rate accommodation and dining. These destinations also offer extra pampering with saunas and steam rooms after a long day of fishing.

Other sport fishers, on the other hand, prefer traditional fishing. They enjoy staying in a simpler hut where they can chop their own wood and make their own fire to cook the day’s catch.

When looking for accommodation alternative, it is important to check on the people they can accommodate. Some fishing organizers can only receive limited guests so you have to reserve early to secure your travel date. This applies, especially if you are a part of a large group.

Have fun in your Alaskan fishing trip!

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