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Rekindle Your Love Across Romantic Cities in The World

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19th of May saw the union of love as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchanged their wedding vows. Ah, what an endearing moment! Everyone stayed glued to their T.V. screens, showering the couple of the hour with immense love and blessings. And, when the royal couple sealed it with a kiss; some melted in the arms of their beloved, while others longed for a romantic time together with their significant other.

Well, such is the power of love. It sneaks through the strongest of fences, battling through all the odds, and winning you profound happiness and contentment for life. Therefore, a love like this needs to be celebrated. And, what could be a better way than to travel with your special someone to a romantic destination?

Our world is blessed with a beauty and charm that speaks love in every language. And, it’s hard to not to fall for it. Countless cities are dipped in hues of romance that are perfect for you and your partner to explore. While some cities simply do the trick with its dramatic landscape, others ace their romantic game with its  urban feels. So, do not let your romance fade away in the cacophony of the hectic schedules of life. Take that time out for your partner and let love find its way to your heart again in a romantic city. So, start your search for low cost airline tickets without any further ado.

#1. Paris, France


As cliché it can get, Paris has to dominate the list of most romantic cities in the world each time. The city exudes romance in abundance and that is enough to restore your wavering faith in love. It wouldn’t be wrong to believe that love must have made its way to earth through Paris. It’s that unbelievably romantic. Amble through the streets hand in hand, kiss at the fore of Eiffel tower, share that croissant or clink those glasses of wine over an intimate dinner date, Paris never fails to charm. Want to have an unforgettable romantic moment? Well, seal your commitment with a “love lock” at the Pont des Arts Bridge.

#2. Kyoto, Japan


As cherry blossom trees come to life during spring, your love in Kyoto shall experience a new season too. It’ll blossom under its serene and picturesque environs. Because, trust us, the vistas are nothing short on its romantic quotient. The city is an escape in to the lap of nature that is sure to leave you both awestruck. Dotted with temples where you can get your fair share of inner peace, Kyoto is perfect for couples seeking tranquility. And, what could be better than strengthening your bond by seeking the blessings of the Asian Gods and Goddesses.

#3. Venice, Italy


If you feel that the spark between you and your partner is waning away, look for top airline deals to Venice because this city is all things love. The city is resplendent in all its glory. It piques your interest right from the moment you step in to the city. The decaying white walls nestling cozy streets amidst them will give you and your special someone the much needed romantic escape. And, a scenic gondola ride shall give you ample time to whisper sweet nothings in the ear of your beloved. The canals crisscrossing the city are another catch that coax you in to taking a leisure walk with your love. And, the delectable Italian cuisine and the sumptuous red wine served in a cozy ambience of a restaurant overlooking the canals make for a perfect date. Enticing enough, isn’t it?

#4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

There is no love without passion. And, Buenos Aires enjoys the titular of being one of the most passionate cities in the world. The city is also often referred to as the “Paris of South America” and that’s for a reason. Look in any direction and all you can feel and see is “Love.” An electrifying energy runs through the length and breadth of the city and it’s rare to not give in to its arresting vibes. Catch a show of Tango or enroll for a class to learn this intimate and sensual dance form. The nightlife of Buenos Aires is quite captivating as well. And it wouldn’t be a surprise, if you and your partner will be out and about the whole night dancing and partying.

#5. Prague, Czech Republic


Well, a visit to Prague shall make you believe that fairytales are for real. Chancing upon castles, cathedrals and charming old world buildings as you saunter your way through the cobblestone streets will leave you spellbound.  As night takes charge, the city monuments illuminate in the light of glittering love. It’s truly a spectacular sight to behold. Art has its root in love, as believed and Prague does it like no other. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the city looks like a work of an eminent artist. The city is famed for pouring down the best beer in the world, and I think it’ll be great to let loose in the company of your paramour.

#6. Bruges, Belgium


Want to take a step back in to the medieval times? Well, then make your way to Bruges. As you amble through the cobblestone streets you will come across horse drawn carriages, buildings reflecting Baroque architecture, bakeries and eateries in abundance and everything old world. And, it’s quite likely that the city’s demeanor will remind you of all the period dramas where kings and queens and lords and ladies were a usual sight. Oh, Bruges is believable to be home to all the antiques. But, do not mistake its medieval image to be any less on urban pleasures. Because, the city rakes praises for serving exquisite global fares, mouthwatering beverages and boasting an exceptional shopping scene.

Well, all these and many more such cities across the globe welcome you and your partner to rekindle love. So, do not delay plans for that romantic getaway. Put your work aside, head out with your beloved to any of the romantic city and let love take charge. Trust me, every once in a while, a trip with your better half is needed to steal romantic moments that’ll become a stand out memory for you both in your journey of togetherness.

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