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Motorcycle Touring: 4 Biker Bags Feature to Consider For Riding Safety

motorcycle touring - how to choose your luggage

Motorcycle touring is a very popular hobby today. If you are an avid fan of motorcycles, this may not be new to you, and you might have already experienced touring cross-country with your bike. Traveling in a motorcycle is a very liberating experience, you control your pace, and you become a force of nature as you allow yourself to be one with the wind.

To ensure that your motorcycle trip would be as fun as you wanted it to be, it is vital that you highly value safety. It is a must that you wear your protective gears as it can keep you out of the peril of the weather while protecting you against road accidents. If you are the kind of rider who values your life in the road by wearing appropriate gears from DOT-certified helmet to good boots, you might are getting a piece of confidence knowing that you are protected in your travel.

motorcycle touring - how to choose your luggage

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However, riding gears are not only the requirement for a safe and comfortable ride. Having a bag designed for riders is necessary to keep your things organized while adding a safety function especially if you are going to a long road trip. Motorcycle bag is not your ordinary bag; it comes with a special material that can withstand weather conditions. If you are considering buying a luggage to fit your motorcycle, below are few tips that you can use to choose the motorcycle bag right for you.

1. Choose a Motorcycle Bag that Fits Your Riding Lifestyle

It is just easy to pick a motorcycle luggage when you see one in the department store or in an online shop. However, it will be more beneficial if you have knowledge of the types of bags available out there. Each of these bags can match your riding lifestyle because they are designed especially for the needs of riders. However, do not just buy, decide among all the designs will match best your needs. If you love to travel over long distances, bigger bags might be more advantageous since you can put in other gears and the other belongings essential for your trip.

motorcycle luggage

Image source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

Common types of motorcycle luggage are:

  • Backpacks
  • Saddlebags
  • Bar bags
  • Windshield bags
  • Tool bags
  • Trunk bags, and
  • Hydration bags

2. Choose the Size

As what we have mentioned above, motorcycle luggage comes in different sizes, features, material and capacities. If you are a rider who usually drives over long distances, larger bags is the choice for your all your stuff to fit in. However, there might also a need for you to get a smaller bag—a windshield bag is a cool addition if you want easy access to your keys and coins!

3. Be Particular of the Material

Aside from a good design, another important consideration in choosing a motorcycle bag for your travel is the material used.  If you love sleek and elegant styles that match every occasion, leather bags do not disappoint. Luggages made of quality leather are good investment since they are durable. It can take years for a rider to buy a new one especially if he or she knows how to take good care of leather gears. Leather bags like any other leather accessory need good polishing so do not forget to have your ample stock of polish and waterproofing leather creams to keep your luggage in shape for a long time.

If you are looking for bags that will stand with you over the rain, choose a luggage made of nylon like your regular rain gear. A trunk bag made of heavy duty plastic is also a good water-proof choice. These materials can ensure that your valuables are safe against the rain-water.

Another material to keep in mind in buying a motorcycle luggage is the buckle. Find one with secure locks and does not easily loose as you speed. Good buckles are very important. After all, you surely would not want your things to splatter on the road as you ride.

4. Sport your Style

Who says that a motorcycle luggage can’t be stylish! There are plenty of motorcycle bags out there, coming in different colors and shapes. The choice is definitely up to you if you go minimalist or maverick. but always remember that design should also be of secondary consideration. Motorcycle riding is travel, and travel is best enjoyed with comfort and convenience!

Enjoy your trip!

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