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Need a Tent? 4 Things to Consider Before Buying a 4 Season Tent

Need a Tent 4 Things to Consider Before Buying a 4 Season Tent 1

Buying a tent is one of the most important things you need to do before a camping trip. If you don’t have one yet, you need to be ready to explore your options about getting a new tent. There are places that rent out tents like in mountain resorts. But if you are going out into the wild, it would be best to have a reliable tent with you. A tent offers shelter and protection against the weather and animals while you sleep.

Need a Tent 4 Things to Consider Before Buying a 4 Season Tent 1

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Four season tents are exactly what its name suggests. You can use it for camping in all four different seasons wherever you go. You may think that it is incredibly handy to have a tent for all seasons. But before you decide to buy a four season tent, check out the things that you need to consider before buying one.

1. A Four Season Tent vs. A Regular Tent

The four season tent is made to be used for all seasons while the regular tent is just an ordinary tent. The difference between these two is that a four season tent is tighter and has heavier and tougher outer walls. The natural elements have no space to interfere with your rest when the zipper of a four season tent is zipped up. It is also more durable. It can shield you from very heavy storms if ever they unfortunately occur during your camping trip.  There are some four season tents that are designed to be adaptable. You may be able to find one that lets you unzip the outer fly to get a cool breeze in the summer without sacrificing reliability during the freezing, cold winter.

2. Some Four Season Tents are Specialized

They are indeed made for all seasons. However, some of these four season tents are specially-made for more extreme conditions. There are some mountaineering four season tents that I would not advise you to bring during a warm summer camping trip. It may become hot and stuffy at night because the tent’s ventilation panels are narrow. Furthermore, four season tents are made of heavier and sturdier materials. If you value lightness during your camping trip, the four season tent may not be for you because of the added weight.

Need a Tent 4 Things to Consider Before Buying a 4 Season Tent 2

Image Source: Pixabay

3. The cost of the four season tent

Since these tents were made to last all four seaons, good quality four season tents can come in very expensive prices. You may find them in store with prices up to $500 and more at times. Compared to a regular tent, the price may just be too exorbitant for you taste. You can get a regular camping tent for $30 or higher. A regular tent would still be able to provide you shelter and protection. Though it would give a little warmth, you can still find alternative comfort from your sleeping back.

4. Check for product reviews

Before you buy a four season tent, it is also important to check for product reviews. You can readily find these reviews online. Some websites have ratings for the quality of the different four season tents that they have to offer. There are various brands of four season tents to choose from. You can also check user reviews for those who already have first-hand experience using the tents. These reviews can give insights on the pros and cons of each tent brand. Information about any quirks can also give you a heads up on what to expect. You may also be able to purchase your tent from online stores.

Personally, I would really like a reliable camping tent with me. It would be best if I can be protected from any forest animals and the weather (whatever it may be). In truth, it will be very important to decide on whether you really need to buy a four season tent or not depending on your needs and preference. Just make sure that it fits your purpose.

Whatever you decide to buy in the end, take your time to review the tent’s product features and specifications. Whether you buy the four season tent or a regular tent, make sure to consider the things mentioned above to help you in getting the right tent for your camping needs.

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