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Oddity and Mystery: 4 Things to Know About Moonlight Hiking

Moonlight Hike CTC

Moonlight hiking is basically hiking in the middle of the night with the moonlight as your guide. However, there is actually a lot more to it. It is an experience, which is odd and mysterious, yet interesting. Here are some of the things one should know about moonlight hiking.

Oddity and Mystery: 4 Things to Know About Moonlight Hiking

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To those who do not know, or is not well acquainted with the idea of hiking in the middle of the night, this kind of adventure is definitely something which several people have already tried doing. Some find it appealing and addictive, while some don’t.

Well, we all have different preferences. Though for me, there is really something about hiking in the middle of the night, which gives me the shivers. Think about it, isn’t it kind of scary?

Whatever your answer may be, this 4 things will either confirm your fears, or extinguish them:

#1 Moonlight hiking is a great experience, pretty much the same as normal hiking.

Hiking in the middle of the night is not that different from the usual hikes people do, such as trail hiking and such. One of the few differences is pretty obvious, that moonlight hiking is definitely done at night.

In fact, this is quite a great experience since only a few people dare to go on with hiking at night. Thus, the trails are not so crowded, leaving one to the peacefulness of nature.

If one is not very comfortable with crowds, then hiking at night will be better for you.

#2 Moonlight hiking entails one to walk through somewhere in the middle of the night and of a full moon.

Since it is moonlight hiking, one goes on a hiking at night. May he/she starts hiking at night or simply continues on a hike in the middle of the night, both can be called moonlight hiking.

However, it is not that simple. Most hikers tend to wait for nights with full moon when going on a moonlight hike. This is so that they will not have difficulties with lighting and such since the moonlight, which shines so bright when the moon is full, is more than enough to clearly see the path.

Moreover, it is always better to plan your trip during the days when the moon is at its fullest, which is in the middle of its time span.

Moonlight Hike CTC

Image Source: Flickr

#3 Moonlight hiking exposes one to the unknown.

Though hiking in the middle of the night can be quite enjoyable and mesmerizing, it also has its downsides.

For instance, moonlight hiking exposes one to unknown things, which can be a difficult situation if it’s dark. Seeing fresh animal tracks is not unusual, but there’s always that creepy feeling that eyes may be watching from behind the bushes. If that’s the case, it only adds to that anxiety since these eyes and tracks would most likely be not human.

It can be dangerous, but that’s where the fun starts. There’s a different kind of thrill in the danger since it is in an unusual situation.

#4 Moonlight hiking reveals something which is definitely much more than one can ever expect.

Aside from the danger, the real beauty of moonlight hiking is in the sense of mystery which surrounds the place. With this mystery, the beauty that surrounds the place is only heightened.

Oddity and Mystery: 4 Things to Know About Moonlight Hiking

Image source: Flickr

Imagine walking in the middle of the woods at night. The faints shadows casted by the trees, rocks, and bushes hide a mystery, which would remain to be unsolved. Sounds of movements behind you will only add to the feeling of need to conquer, not only the trail but also the fear of being close with the unknown.

Then, fulfillment comes upon coming unto an open area where the lake, or any body of water, reflects the shining gem of the moon, which hangs in the peaceful sky. In a way, seeing beauty such as this makes the journey all worth it.

Though these bits of knowledge speak of and summarize moonlight hiking, as what is known, there is no absolute in these things. One should not rely fully in it for every hiking trail has a unique feature of its own.

What is truly absolute is the combined beauty and thrill experience of moonlight hiking. It is an adventure of its own.



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