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4 Remarkable Places in Kvarner Croatia Travellers Shouldn’t Miss to Visit

Places To Visit in Kvarner Bay Islands For Your Croatian Holidays

Places To Visit in Kvarner Bay Islands For Your Croatian HolidaysIf we are to peek into the minds of James Cook, Christopher Columbus, and Ibn Battuta, three of the world’s great travellers, we will find that all share a remarkable interest, and that is to explore the world. These people have made their mark in history, they have discovered places, they have conquered, and their curiosity to know what lies far from the place of their origin have changed their lives and made them remembered.

Nowadays, our purpose of travelling may not be to conquer or draw maps, but the desire to explore and to know more about the world’s places gives an opportunity for a fascinating discovery. Travel allows us to learn, and enjoy the most of our existence.

If you decided to give in to your longing for a worthwhile travel by the beach, visiting Kvarner Bay is a good choice. This scenic bay located in the Adriatic Sea of Northern Croatia is becoming a popular tourist destination, and if you are visiting Croatia, setting your sails through Kvarner can be your experience of a lifetime.

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Beautiful Places To Visit in Kvarner Islands For Your Next Croatian Holidays

If you plant to visit Kvarner, here are 4 remarkable places that you should not miss:

1. Cres Island

Pronounced as “Tres” by its locals, Cres Island boasts an enchanting allure that can intoxicate and inspire. The island is merely inhabited, but its landscape is an ultimate delight for the nature lover. Cres Island showcases hidden coves, high cliffs, vast forests, and ancient hilltop towns.

Interestingly, Cres Island tells mythical stories. One perfect example is the “Myth of Lake Vrana.” According to a local legend, there was once a rich sister who will not give her poorer sister money for food. The rich sister was punished, and her castle was flooded immensely that it created Lake Vrana. Some stories say that during the windy days, the tower bells of the castle can still be heard ringing.

2. Rab Old Town

Rab emerged to become an extremely popular destination for travellers for its breath-taking beaches and entertaining events, including the Rab Medieval Festival and Rab Arbalest Tournament.

The Rab Old Town is notable for being a picturesque medieval town with great places for coffee and impressive nightlife. Another attraction to consider in Rab Old Town is the Tower of St. Christopher. It features Renaissance architecture that brings you back to the medieval era.

3. Krk Island

A Croatian island located in the Kvarner Bay, Krk is one of the biggest islands with approximately four hundred and nine square kms. Krk is a place with a lot of history to tell. It is primarily the centre of the Croatian culture, and where the oldest Croatian text has been preserved.

If you are to visit Krk, do not miss Stara Baska. Travellers are often impressed with its fine coastal beaches where you can find good restaurants atop the hills. The Stara Baska is actually not a commercial place for tourists. It is more of a peaceful and romantic getaway for people who wants to recharge from the hustles and bustles of the busy streets. Simply perfect for those looking for a relaxing escape.

4. Opatija

Opatija is a town in western Croatia and is also situated in Kvarner Bay. Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea,” Opatija is a true marvel situated below a mountain near and is near to a nature park. It boasts with fabulous views with colourful parks which are true delight to the sight.

Do not miss the main attractions in Opatija such as the Lungo Mare that offers historic walking areas, the small fishing town Volosko that gives tourists a great time in the coast, and the Manufaktura that is the best shopping area in town! If you want to bring cool souvenirs for the people you left at home, go to Manufaktura and get yourself some authentic wine and locally made chocolates and olive oil.

Visiting Kvarner Bay can bring you back to the medieval era with its authentic renaissance feel. Make the most of your travel by planning your trip ahead. Since there are amazing places to visit, nothing works better than travelling prepared. Enlist what you will need in the trip and do not forget to record your itineraries. Take our advice of visiting the four remarkable places that you should not miss in Kvarner, and make your own memorable trip!

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