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Practical Tips For Travellers On Car Servicing In Melbourne

Get a roadworthiness certificate

Australia has a lot to offer in terms of destinations for driving a car. All you need is a brief understanding of the requirements of the roads and car that you wish to drive in those destinations. It is highly advisable to either rent a car or buy a low budgeted car when you decide to travel anywhere in Australia.

Road drives really help you in pushing your boundaries further and take adventure to a whole new level. And, what’s the point in traveling to this beautiful continent without uncovering the hidden adventure in you. So, go for those long exciting drives but follow these mentioned tips on car servicing in order to keep all car related issues at bay. You sure don’t want any drama when you are out on the roads!

road worthy certificate australia

1. Look For The Most Popular Car Service and Mechanics of Australia

This tip is applicable to both – car renters and car owners. You need to find a local qualified mechanic to make sure that your car gets proper servicing at reasonable rates. Look for service centers that have associations with RACV and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC).

Just like how you would get your body checked from a qualified doctor, similarly it is profoundly important that you get your car too checked from a qualified mechanic. You must keep your eyes open to the premises of car service center, as a well-organized center represents efficiency of the business.

2. Get a Roadworthy Certificate

In Australia, we have something called Roadworthiness Certificate for the car. You usually can obtain this certificate from a licensed car service and mechanic company as they have qualified vehicle inspectors who will inspect and test your car appropriately. But, remember that the certificate is valid only for 30 days and is beneficial when going on road trips.

3. Clearly Communicate with Your Mechanic

When you take your car to a car servicing mechanics in Perth & Melbourne or any part of Australia, make sure that you communicate well with the mechanic. It is important to tell your mechanic what kind of servicing you are looking at because different kinds of services have different costs attached to it. You may want to address specific problems of your car to the mechanic. You may also take the mechanic out on a drive in your car to bring to his attention some ongoing disturbances in the car. Just be clear and crisp with your detailing of the problems.

4. Get a Written Estimate

It is certainly a good idea to get a written estimate of the anticipatory costs involved in servicing of the car. Get an upfront quote from the mechanic before he starts his work. Of course, diagnosing the problems is not always upfront as the mechanic may explore few other problems in the car while repairing. But make it absolute clear that you may be called before commencing any new repairs in the car.

Remember to discuss mode of payment, estimated labor costs and part costs and estimated time of completion. Get all the details in writing from any car service or mechanic that you are dealing with here in Australia.

Looking for car servicing centers in Melbourne or any part of Australia is no daunting task as there are several reputed and qualified mechanics that work on weekdays and sometimes even on weekends. But, most importantly, get the car servicing done before you hit the roads as there is no way you will find a mechanic on your road trips in any part of Australia.

Author Bio:

Amber Clark is a travel and adventure blogger from San Francisco who loves to explore the world around.

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