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Revealed! 4 Tips in Buying Cheap yet Sturdy Packs Perfect for Your Next Trip


Shopping for something is never an easy task, particularly if you’re looking for one thing sturdy enough to last a few years, as well as fashionable enough based on your own interest. This is true for most things, including backpacks.


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However, even if it takes you one whole day walking back and forth across the mall, you won’t be able to find the “perfect” one (in terms of need, quality, or price), unless you’re having a lucky day.

In the end, you’ll rack your mind back and forth while calculating how much money it would cost you, as well as groan due to soar feet (from all the walking). Now this is definitely an unpleasant feeling to have!

To avoid such things, and to find the perfect one without spending too much, here are 4 simple ways you might want to know about buying “backpacks”:

1. Buy things online.

Companies who sell several products through the internet are common nowadays, especially since most people rely more on computers and gadgets rather than going an extra mile to buy things.

Most of these companies sell used or secondhand products that can still be usable for a fair price. This is a good thing since you can still buy one nice and tested product with only half the original prices. One of these online shops includes Ebay.

Online Buying

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Some may judge that the products are not good since its already used by other people. However, that’s the essence of it. It was probably expensive once and was sold at a cheap price after it was used. You can easily choose one with the price you like.

Moreover, the advantage of buying online is that you can ask the previous owner questions about the product through a forum before actually spending some cash on it.

2. Find the next big sale (on the particular product only).

Store Sale

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Another good tip in buying cheap backpacks for future use, without buying used products, is through looking for the occasional sale. There are times when stores and retailers apply discounts on particular products, especially those that are off-season.

For instance, it would be best to buy swimwear during winter months and sweaters during summer. Thus, it would be best to buy backpacks when people wouldn’t usually go camping, for instance on winter months.

If you can’t wait for the next sale to come, check out the papers for ads about sales, may it be for department stores or simple garage sales.

3. Look out for the many different thrift stores around you.

Thrift Store

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If you can’t find a sale close to you, you can always try your local thrift stores for your backpacking needs. Most of these stores have a few choices of backpack you can choose from when you’re in need.

You can also buy one and redo it the way you like it. In this way, you can save money and create something unique and pleasing to yourself with just imagination and creativity.

4. Find something lighter but more than enough.

Lastly, you can buy backpacks that are lighter compared to buying something bulky.

Light packs

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Light backpacks are more in the cheap side since it does not use much of the specialized materials big backpacks are created with. Moreover, since it is light, you can carry it easily rather than being inconvenienced by the bulk of a big pack.

If you’re not bringing a lot of things in your trip, opt for the lighter one with the same quality, but with a much cheaper amount.

Buying our backpacking needs need not be expensive. You only need to choose wisely and spend your money wisely. Take note of the quality and the size you need.

Don’t buy something which is bigger than what you actually need. Not only will it be a waste of space, it will also be a waste of cash. Instead, follow these 4 easy steps and spend your remaining money doing enjoyable activities and buying special souvenir from different places.

Learning how to spend your money right will be a big factor in your future enjoyment. The more you save, the more opportunities you have in having a memorable time.

However, one should never forget one things despite saving – quality.

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