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Right Decision, Perfect Camping Spots: The 4 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself

The Perfect Camping Site

Considering where to find the perfect camping spot usually do not enter our minds once we actually get to our destinations. The question of where to camp while in the middle of a long hike is definitely a problem which should be thought of beforehand.

The Perfect Camping Site

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While preparing camping things such as tents, light, campfire, and food, a camper should also remember to think of which spot these things will actually settle while resting for the night. For an experienced camper, this is never a problem. Most of them already have their favorite spots to come back to.

However, for the novice camper, finding the right camping spot is still a question weighting in the mind.

Here are some questions you might want to consider when looking for the “right” camping space:

1. How do you plan to camp? RV or Tents?

The first thing you may want to ask yourself is the question of how you will camp. You may think that this question is unnecessary. However, your decision in this will influence the spot where you’ll decide to camp.

The two choices you have are the use of RV’s (recreational vehicle) and the use of tents. The choice you have between these two will matter especially when choosing the feature necessary for these two sleeping equipment.

If you happen to choose an RV, it will have to be a space big enough and accessible enough to drive an RV to. Thus, it would have to be a clearing. This type of sleeping equipment would be best for beaches and established camps.

Using a Tent

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On the other hand, if you happen to decide on using a tent, it will be okay to camp even in the middle of the forest or even on top of a hill. It doesn’t really matter as long as there’s enough space to accommodate the tent. If you want to have a small campfire, make sure the space you’re camping in is at least far enough from the bushes so as not to create a forest fire and damage the trees. Settling on a small clearing in the forest with a wide enough circumference is a good spot.

Whichever it will be, the sleeping equipment you’ll use will have to be the one to adapt to the surroundings.

2. Will you be bringing kids on the trip?

Another question you should ask yourself is whether you’ll be bringing kids along. Your decision in this will contribute to your choices of camping spot.

Kids on Camp

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If you’re bringing kids along on the trip, it would be better to bring them to a camp where many people (and other kids) gather as top not bore them. It would also have to be a camp where there would be many accessible and fun activities to occupy their minds. Bringing them to a hiking trip in a high mountain will not only bore them (unless they’re the kind of kids who love such activities), it will also tire them out.

If, on the other hand, there will be no kids to think about on the trip, then you are free to choose any place you want to go on a trip to and to camp on.

3. How distant do you want to camp?

In deciding where to camp, the question of distance is also necessary in choosing a camping spot. Do you prefer somewhere near the top of the mountain? Or somewhere near the river?


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Aside from that, distance can refer to a lot of other things. The most common of which is the distance of the camping site from home. Rarely do people fly (ride a plane) for a simple camping or hiking trip. This is due to the distance, the ticket costs, and the luggage constraints.

Moreover, only a few prefer to drive for a few miles just to go camping. Most of the time, people prefer camping sites near their homes or their hometowns.

4. Are you willing to accept a professional’s advice?

Travel Professionals

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Aside from the three questions above, the question of whether you are willing to accept a professional’s advice should also be asked.

If you’d rather have a hassle-free camping trip, there are a lot of travel agencies and agents who would love to lend a hand. Most of the time, these agencies are well-versed on the many camping spots available in most places where hiking and camping are a thing.

However, if it’s too much cost for you, you can always try to search the web for a few ideas on where to camp. Many travelers post their experiences on their personal blogs, including their favorite camping spots.

Additionally, several of these travelers and backpackers are willing to answer our queries.

The search for a perfect camping spot is not really that much of a hassle. It only depends on how honest you are in answering these questions.  Once you know the answer to the above questions, try and look out for your preferred camping destination and camping spot.

Hope you’ll find the perfect one for you!

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