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Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in Melbourne

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You might not know this yet, but Melbourne is one of the most romantic cities on Earth and a fantastic spot to be in love. Each activity on our list is designed for couples that want to experience the starry-eyed side of this beautiful city.

If you’re searching for ideas to surprise your significant other, we can help with that quest. Check out our top 10 romantic things to do in Melbourne, and make your date night unforgettable.

1) Yarra River Cruise

Nothing says romance quite elegantly like a night cruise on the beautiful Yarra River. Imagine how incredible the setting is. You will be enjoying the breathtaking views of the riverside while a gentle breeze is caressing your skin.

The lights of the city are flickering in front of your eyes and to top it all off, you made dining reservations in an intimate restaurant with a view. A night like this can stay in your memory forever. It’s even the perfect opportunity for you to ask a special question under the starry night sky.

2) The Colonial Tramcar Dinner

If your partner is a history lover, then this tour is going to be the vintage touch to your romantic game, and it’s more than worth it. The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant offers a seasonal dinner menu for two, with a fine selection of Australian wines.

You will dine looking at the streets of the city, holding the hand of your partner. Both of you can enjoy the food, the wine, the history, and the dreamy panoramas outside, while inside you’ll be creating unforgettable memories.

Isn’t that romantic?

3) Visit Phillip Island

Are you an outdoorsy type of couple? If you are then Phillip Island should be on your list, because it’s a gem only 90 minutes away from Melbourne. The atmosphere of the island is serene and relaxing, while the rocky hills and the wave crashing ocean offer adrenalin and adventure.

You could go hiking, discover the wildlife, do motorsports or simply give in to water activities like snorkeling and windsurfing. As the saying goes, couples that travel together stay together, and this gives you a chance to up your game. You will be looking at a beautiful sunset with your partner, surrounded by birds chirping and green lavishness. Indulging in activities that make you both happy!

4) Stargazing near Melbourne

If you’re aiming to impress your partner with a magical, romantic night, you should head out to Phillip Island Observatory or Ballarat Observatory. The night sky has a wonderful indigo color, the stars are flickering in the distance, and you and your significant other can indulge in this romantic stargazing fairy-tale.

These spots hold special, spiritual significance, and both of you can almost feel the magic and the romance in the air. You can even have an amazing, star-light dinner in one of the restaurants. Get lost in the stars with the love of your life!

5) Visit the breathtaking Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley Global Ballooning

Copyright: Unsplash I License: CC0 Public Domain

There can’t be a Melburnian list for romance without a recommended visit to the legendary Yarra Valley. There is so much you can do while you’re there with your partner, like talking a morning balloon flight and enjoying the incredible views from the top.

You can go wine tasting or visit the Healesville Sanctuary to meet the platypus. Furthermore, you can wander around the walking trails, discover new artsy shops and enjoy talking to the locals while you’re marveling the beauty of their picturesque villages.

6) Paddling, Kayaking or Canoeing

There are so many locations around Melbourne that offer these types of water activities for couples. Choose the one your partner enjoys and go paddling, kayaking or canoeing in Williamstown, Yarra River, and Swan Bay. Spend some memorable times having fun on the water with your significant other.

7) The Peninsula Hot Spring Spa

The most romantic, intimate and fun thing on our list is the Peninsula Hot Spring Spa. The spa is located just 90 minutes away from Melbourne, and you can turn this into a wonderful and relaxing weekend for you and your partner.

You can find everything in one spot, nature, hot springs, lavish cocktails, hot tubs for couples. It’s the perfect weekend getaway! They even offer romantic spa packages with indoor or outdoor private mineral baths, geothermal bathing, and relaxing couples massages.

8) Museum Hopping

Do you know why Melbourne is so famous? There are many things, to be honest, but one of them is the vibrant art scene. You should utilize this and plan a romantic night out with your sweetheart, and if he/she is an art lover, it’s going to be the perfect date.

Book a night in a romantic hotel, and visit some of the famous Melbourne museums, bookshops, art galleries or theaters. Show off your refined side to your partner! Spend some time cuddled together looking at masterpieces, discussing the motives behind a great painting. Stimulate each other with words and creative ideas. Melbourne is the perfect city to go museum hopping with your love.

9) Visit Dendy Street Beach

beach couple

Copyright: Unsplash I License: CC0 Public Domain

The coastline of Dendy Street Beach is magical, and any couple would love to spend some time on the white sand beaches that spread all along the shore. Furthermore, this is the most photographed beach in Melbourne.

Why do you ask? Because of the 82 wooden bathing boxes, all painted in unique patterns. It’s truly iconic. Additionally, you can indulge in a breathtaking vista of the sun setting down the ocean. The whole scenery breaths romance!

10) Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

We saved the best for last. It’s adventure time! Take your partner for a night tour in the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park. Animal lovers are going to enjoy on this date, because of the huge variety of fascinating animals. The Moonlit Sanctuary is an award-winning park that features the world-famous lantern-lit night tours. Trust us; your partner is going to adore this idea!

We hope we provided you with a list of romantic spots and activities that you and your significant other can enjoy. Melbourne is a magical place for lovers, you just need where to look!

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