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Searching For Your Soulmate? 5 Tips On Finding Your Date Abroad

first date tips

You were inspired by the other cultures. You already tried finding love in your home country but you were rejected or having a hard time finding your ideal love. With no luck finding your potential lover because you think your personality and customs seem closer to the other country’s locals, you have now decided to take your searching to a new level. You are willing to take a vacation overseas and find your true love or destiny. But wait! Before deciding to go there, why don’t you try finding love locally first. If the plan does not really work, it’s time to plan a vacation, set your budget and keep these safe. Tell your loved ones about your vacation information.

first date tips

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#1 Going to meetups

This is not about meeting with a stranger or a few unknown people, it’s about meeting groups or a local organization with the same interests as yours. For instance, you love Chinese or Korean culture, you are a fan of Game of Thrones or Star Wars, you like art or you are a devoted practitioner of religion, try visiting sites like or searching Facebook groups. Join the conversations and show on a meetup. In this way, you might find a new friend and who knows, he or she may become your boyfriend or girlfriend.

#2 Online Dating

Following the safety tips on online dating such as creating your honest or true profile, not giving out all your personal information, not sending money abroad, etc. will surely make your online dating turn into an offline meeting sooner than ever. If you have now decided to show each other in person, meet in a public place. If you are sure that your overseas online date is real and not a scammer, be sure to check the address and the company he or she’s working in. If your meeting date and place is final, just keep your belongings safe and meet in a public place. It will be advisable if you will mainly come to your date’s country for vacation and not solely to meet him or her so in case he or she does not show up, at least you have spent your vacation.

#3 Living abroad

Try to work overseas and live there. You will understand the culture more and know the dos and don’ts of dating. Your future lover will be impressed if you show an effort adjusting to their culture. At the same time, be honest if you don’t know some things (mannerisms, how to court) about their country and ask questions. If you are a guy, expect to pay for your dinner date even your date’s country is expecting women to also pay for it.

dating tips

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#4 Be a volunteer

You may also join and become a volunteer in humanitarian organizations so you can meet other nationalities, volunteers or locals. You will appreciate your life more and you might find a new good career.

#5 Expat communities or organizations

Don’t just stick in finding a local, find other nationalities by going at expat communities or organizations. You will get a glimpse of other cultures and get wider networks.

You don’t have to allot most of your time in finding a date. Just be smart and do not make dating your sole purpose if you travel to a faraway place. Be happy, take the risk of rejection and follow up on the new person. Smile but at the same time be alert. Your purpose must be about finding happiness and don’t let rejections stop you. Never give up and aside from finding a lover, also find new trusted friends. Be connected and enjoy exploring other opportunities.

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