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Singapore Travel: 10 Top Interesting Singapore Attractions For Kids

Singapore is a delightful place and very tourist-friendly too, however, the various attractions of this tiny country are perfect for children! There are a variety of things that your young ones can do whilst your sojourn in Singapore. From freaking out at Universal Studios at Sentosa to going aboard the Singapore Flyer to get a bird’s eye view of the port city – there is entertainment galore for the children. Here are the ten places in Singapore that are an absolute must-see for the kids (and adults too!).

#1. Jurong Bird Park

It is an amazing place for the children to have a look at various exotic winged creatures from ostriches and parrots to penguins! The park also has a wonderful African Aviary compete with a waterfall. The kids will also enjoy the feeding sessions and bird shows that provide first hand interaction to the kids!

#2. The Singapore Zoo

This zoo is probably the best one in South Asia with so many interactive activities apart from a great variety of animals in their natural habitats (man-made). There are various feeding sessions, shows as well as encounters with the zoo keepers which are very informative and educational. There is a water playground as well for the kids to enjoy a quick splash. The little ones can also enjoy a ride on a pony or a horse carriage and can even take the toy train for a tour around the zoo!

White tiger in Singapore Zoo

White tiger in Singapore Zoo


#3. The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the latest attraction and is also touted as the tallest observation wheel inthe world that stands at 165 meters above ground level and provides a beautiful view of Singapore and its immediate neighbors – Indonesia and Malaysia! This is an entertaining place which the kids will enjoy!

Singapore River Skyline

Singapore River Skyline

#4. The Underwater world

Located at Sentosa Island, it is a very popular oceanarium which has a collection of over 2500 different species of fish that the kids can see swimming about freely through an acrylic tunnel that spans 83 meters! The kids can enjoy a face to face meeting with eels, sharks and huge stingrays. The Underwater World also has various shows out of which the Dolphin Show that feature pink dolphins is a must-see!

#5. The Night Safari

The Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo is a brilliant way to capture the nocturnal animals going about their normal routines. It features a host of night creatures from different parts of the world which sum up to around 1200 species! You can also treat your kids to the various shows such as the Tribal cultural shows with their unusual dances and fire eating stunts.

#6. Snow City of Singapore

Snow City of Singapore is perfect for kids who live in tropical countries and have not yet experienced the snow and sub zero temperatures. The Snow City is continually maintained at -5′ C and the kids can enjoy various winter activities like skiing, snowboarding and building snowmen and snow angels as well!

#7. Singapore Science Center

It is amongst one of the top ten science centers in the world and has eight independent exhibition halls that display over 850 multimedia and interactive exhibits that will enthrall the kids! There is a lot to do here, and the kids will enjoy the various animation shows and optical light illusions and much more!


#8. Jurong Frog Farm

is a very unusual place, but the kids will absolutely love to see their favorite croaking green creatures and learn about their life cycle as well as their camouflaging traits. Avid frog eaters can also taste some yummy frog legs too!

#9. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is an entertainment island in all and a great family spot with lots to do. There is everything, from the sea to watching 4-D movies! With a host of attractions such as the cable car ride, the butterfly park,luge rides and so on – Sentosa Island is a very captivating place!

Sentosa Island in Singapore

Sentosa Island in Singapore

#10. TheBotanical Gardens

It is another great picnic spot with its picturesque beauty that features waterfalls, flowers, sculpture, birds, critters and turtles. The kids can indulge in some fish feeding. There are various other interactive stations which enable the kids to learn in a playful and entertaining way.

Singapore is truly a dream come true for the children as there is so much to do. From entertainment to amusement and shopping, Singapore has it all to make it the ultimate tourist destination for children!

About the author: Alia is a blogger who also happens to be a student of event management. She loves writing for the travelling and holiday. These days she is busy in writing on Lac De Villedon.


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