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4 Ways to Staying Safe When Traveling Solo

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traveling solo safety tips

It can be incredibly liberating to take a vacation by yourself. There’s no pressure to keep anyone else happy, you don’t have to spend time touring a part of town that you’re not interested in, and you don’t have to go on a day excursion to engage in activities that you’d rather skip. It’s a perfect opportunity to truly treat yourself and get some alone time to help you reflect and relax, returning home feeling utterly refreshed.

However, as amazing as solo traveling can be, it does come with a few downsides, such as perhaps feeling lonely at certain times, or more importantly, leaving you more vulnerable. If you’re thinking of taking a trip alone any time soon, here are a few tips to help you stay safe on your travels.

Don’t Carry A lot of Cash

carrying cash when traveling

When traveling abroad, it’s tempting to take a lot of cash with you rather than having to pay additional charges on your debit or credit cards, but think twice about whether this is worth it. Carrying a lot of cash on you at any time, whether you’re at home or not, can make you a higher target for theft and leave you in a position where you have a lot more to lose.

Before you go on your travels, consider getting a credit card that has low or no transaction fees when used abroad. If you still would rather take cash on holiday with you, make sure you only take out what you need for the day, leaving the rest somewhere secure in your hotel room.

Look at Organized Group Trips

Another thing to consider is signing up for an organized group trip with an agency. It still allows you to spend some time to yourself, but traveling in as part of a larger group could also help to increase your safety while you’re away. It’ll also be beneficial if there are any times on your trip where you would like some social interaction, whether that’s chatting to someone on a coach or plane, or sitting down and enjoying a meal with a few others from your group. 

Learn Where to Avoid

Before you head out to your destination, take the time to do a bit of research to learn which areas you should avoid. All towns and cities have spots like this, but unwitting tourists that wander down back alleys are prime targets for thieves and other nasty crimes. Pick a place that is known for being a safe area to visit, and for more tips on destinations and solo travel, look at sites like Mr Hudson Explores.

Know Where Your Embassy Is

It’s always smart to make a note of where the nearest embassy for your home country is wherever you travel. Hopefully, you will have no need to visit it, but in case you lose your passport or it gets stolen, or you get into some other trouble while you’re away, being able to contact your embassy for further help will be essential. 

Traveling solo can and should be a great experience, allowing you the freedom to relax and get some space. Just make sure you’re looking after yourself and use these tips to help you stay safe while you’re enjoying your next getaway.

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