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Sun, Beach and Pool Safety on Vacation: 3 Very Important Tips to Know Before You Go

Summer Vacation - Swimming Pool Safety

Summer vacations matter. It is one of the kids’ favourite seasons, and many families are hitting the road for some outdoor fun. Since its summer, it is quite predictable that the family will prefer to go to the beach or enjoy a good time in a resort or a hotel with swimming pool. Let’s face it, kids love to swim and in a season when the sun gives off a considerable amount of heat, nothing feels perfect than a dip in a cool water.

Summer Vacation - Swimming Pool Safety

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Whether you will be traveling into the nearby beach, river, lake, or in a place where you can find a swimming pool, it is very important that you know the safety measures or practices for beach or pool safety. Everything could happen in a “day at the beach,” and you definitely want to make it a fun and memorable experience for the family.

A little preparation can go a long way to nail a safe family vacation on the water. Here are 3 essential beach and pool safety tips to know before you go.

1 Water Safety for Children

  • Summer Vacation - Children on the Pool

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    Most kids are very excited to go on a dip soon as they see the water. But to not let them yet, until you ensure that they will be supervised.

  • Do not leave your child near the beach or pool alone, not even a moment.
  • Swim in designated areas near the supervision of a lifeguard.
  • Ensure that your child is accompanied in the water. Preferably, by a person who knows how to swim and perform CPR.
  • Install a pool fence that will prevent small children from entering the pool on their own.
  • Avoid the use of floaties and other floatation devices on the pool. They are not substitute for life vests and could give parents and kids a false sense of security. Use U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets instead for inexperienced swimmers.
  • Ensure that the family knows how to swim. Enrol the kids in a swimming lesson as much as possible.
  • Be cautious around natural bodies of water even if you are not planning to swim. Be wary of the water currents as they impose a great risk. Cold temperatures and underwater hazards should also be considered.
  • If the family goes boating, make sure that everyone wears a life-vest.
  • For parents and guardians, do not ever drink alcohol. This could affect balance and coordination, and impair swimming and diving skills when it is ultimately needed.

Constant supervision is key to ensure your family’s safety. The aforementioned tips above are taken from the official information sites of the Red Cross and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

2 Mind the Sun

Dehydration and overheating are your top enemies on a summer travel. Kids are especially sensitive to the heat so it is important that they stay hydrated and cool. In long road trips, make sure to pack these things:

  • Water. Ensure that you have enough until you reach your destination.
  • Sunscreen. With the humidity and dry air, it is very easy to get your skin damaged from sun exposure. Do not spoil your trip due to painful sunburn.
  • Dress coolly. Since its summer, clothes made of light fabric and with light color can bring comfort from the sun.
  • Wear Shades. Do not forget to take care of your eyes when going for a summer vacation. Buy the family sunglasses that can block the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Avoid the sun on its peak hours. Do not jeopardize your skin health by avoiding too much sun exposure when the sun is at its hottest. From 10 AM to 4PM, better look for other fun activities like shopping or participating in festivities of the place. If you are to hang out on the beach during these hours, consider renting a large umbrella or a cabana.

3 Pack Health Food for the Family

Because it is a vacation does not necessarily mean that you allow your family to indulge in unhealthy eating. We know that most food vendors near the beach offer fried and other unhealthy finger foods, not to mention the caffeinated beverages. While they are fun to eat, be mindful that unhealthy food could take a toll on your health during a summer heat. Eat in balance, and prefer fruits as they are hydrating.

Family vacation is meant for an ultimate enjoyment. Practice precaution and follow the tips to ensure sun and water safety. Have a happy travel!

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