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Survive Camping in the Winter with These 3 Known Ways

The winter camp

Camping trips are fun and adventure-filled activities where you can see nature’s best. It is usually done when it’s sunny and the weather is good (most likely during summer and fall). However, what many do not know is that you can actually survive and have fun on a winter camping trip.

Since most camping trips have enjoyment and nature as goals, camping during winter is also a way to attain these goals. Imagine the beauty of wilderness covered underneath a blanket of snow. Is there something more beautiful?

The winter camp

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But, no matter how lovely it is, there are still dangers lurking in every corner and in every wrong turn. Thus, to minimize such thing, here are three known effective ways:

1. Make a crackling fire to warm you up.

The first thing you have to think of when going on a winter camping trip is to keep yourself warm.

The danger in winter travelling and camping is the fact that you can easily experience a sudden drop on temperature, which can be critical on your body. If this happens, you may fall ill in the middle of the trip itself.

To avoid encountering such a dilemma, build yourself a nice warm fire, which can counter the cold chills of the weather. You can do this by using water proof matches and knowing what wood would be best to use. The best you can make use of, due to the winter climate, are birch, pines, and spruce.

Winter Campfire

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Since it is wet, you might have a hard time creating a sufficient fire, so you better practice at home and know what you can and can’t bring as materials for making such a fire. Moreover, you have to create it fast so you won’t get frostbites.

2. Create a wall of defense.

Another way to keep yourself warm is to take a few snow blocks or a pile of leaves to back up your tent.

Due to the weather and the coldness, a tent will not be sufficient to keep you warm. You can always bring a few set of blankets, but it would definitely be too much baggage. Moreover, you can’t bring the fire inside the tent, since that would definitely burn you.

Another way to keep you warm is to take some small snow blocks to shield your tent from the chilling wind. You simple have to stomp out blocks with your feet and lift them off towards your tent. You can then line it up in form of a wall surrounding your tent to keep the wind from gushing in while you sleep.

The Wall of Snow

Image source: Flickr

If you don’t want to do so, you can always try another method. Taking materials from your surroundings will be help, particularly leaves. You can take several heaps of leaves to have as the base of your tent and as the blanket in order to have a thick blanket protecting you from the cold (this can be a form of insulation).

3. Keep yourself dry.

Lastly, you should always keep yourself dry at all times. You don’t have to be too warm nor too cold. Just keep yourself in a steady temperature.

If you ever get wet, you should dry yourself right away. Don’t wear wet clothes, since it will definitely make you sick. Rather, hang it out in the open or near the fire in order to let it dry.

Be careful not to get too cold. If it does, add a few layers to your clothing and do it fast. The cold is a sure way to get hypothermia, the lowering of your body temperature, which can kill you if you’re not careful.

Thus, you should always observe the weather and stack a few extra clothes near you before you sleep. Only take what you need and don’t go to the extra mile (which in turn can be harmful).

Camping in the cold can be dangerous, which is why you have to be vigilant when doing so. Keep these three things in mind and you’ll definitely survive while having the fill of your life.

Winter is beautiful, as long as you know how to deal with it and survive it. When you’ve passed these things, you can then take in the beautiful yet cold facet of nature surrounding you and your camping ground.

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