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The 4 Dos and 4 Don’ts When Choosing Backpack

Backpack Dos and Don'ts

A backpack is an important necessity when it comes to travelling, may it be towards a far off place or simply to the nearby campus. Thus, it is necessary for anyone with a penchant for travelling to know these little dos and don’ts when choosing the proper backpack to use.

Backpack Dos and Don'ts

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Backpacks have been used for over a hundred years now, starting from the simplest luggage strapped on the shoulders to the modern backpacks of the present. However, recent studies which shows a negative effect of backpacks on the human body urges people to be more vigilant especially when choosing a backpack.

Do you need a backpack for travelling? Or perhaps, does your son need a backpack for his first day of school?

These tips could probably help in sealing your decision when faced with a lot of choices:

The 4 Dos in Choosing a Backpack

1. Do use an internet search.

After deciding to buy a backpack, the first thing one should do is to research about backpacks in the internet. The internet has become quite a reliable source of information, with regards to a lot of details about a particular thing.

One should try reading about backpacks, its safety features, and the function of each feature. It will also help if one already knows how much he/she can expect to pay for a particular backpack.

2. Do decide ahead of time what features you want in a backpack.

After researching about backpacks on the internet, one can now decide what features he/she wants in a backpack. In a way, it is better to know what you want beforehand so that it will be easy to find what you are looking for when going on a shopping trip.

Aside from that, it will be easier for the shop’s personnel to show what they have in store for you with regards to your desired features.

3. Do shop around.

Another thing to remember while shopping is to no settle for the first thing you see. Though it might correspond to what you’re looking for in a backpack, one should shop around first before finally settling in on the best choice he/she can find.

Why not check the department stores and sporting goods store, first? This will give you a chance to compare and contrast the features of your options, as well as its price.

4. Do check out the backpack.

Lastly, one should check every aspect of the backpack before actually spending some money to buy it. Make sure every feature works and everything is intact. Also, one should check if the material is durable and the seams strong.

There is nothing worse than buying a defective backpack. It can be fixed if it has warranty, but if it doesn’t, then it is a waste of money.


The 4 Don’ts in Choosing a Backpack

1. Don’t buy the first backpack you see no matter what.

When going shopping, parents tend to buy the first things they see due to time constraints, especially in families with both parents at work or families with more than 2 children. This is indeed more practical.

However, if this is the case, there is no way to know if the backpacks are reliable enough to support the weight of certain things, such as heavy books. Moreover, choosing right away will take away the chances of finding a better option, both in quality and monetary value.

2. Don’t buy a backpack simply because it may be a few dollars cheaper than one with a warranty.

Most people also tend to buy cheaper backpacks without warranty for various reasons. It could be because it is the only one they can afford or perhaps due to personal taste.

Whatever the reasons may be, one should always go for quality and safety. Choosing a backpack with warranty, though it is a few dollars more expensive, will ensure the customer’s rights. It is a guarantee which will come through if ever the backpack shows malfunctioning zippers or tore down fabrics.

3. Don’t cave in and get a trendy backpack, which seems to be a hit nowadays.

While shopping, most people tend to buy those which are popular and which are used by many people in that particular area. However, this is not a guarantee of the product’s quality or safety. Rather, it only guarantees that one is definitely on trend.

At the very least, in choosing backpacks, choose one which has a few safety features, such as padded straps and waist straps. The thicker the pads on the straps, the better option it is. One should always put comfort first before style.

Backpack Dos and Don'ts

Image source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

4. Don’t buy a backpack just because you recognize the brand name.

Brands are simply brands. Though a lot of the famous brands nowadays have had their foundation built on quality, one should not decide outright due to the fact that the brand is easy to recognize.

Several brands are known for one or two specific things. For instance, one brand specializes on backpacks with lumbar support while another brand is famous for its light weight. Other brands have several combined features as well.

Before actually choosing a brand, one must know first what specific backpack he/she needs rather than simply relying on a brand name.

There are a lot of things to remember when actually choosing a backpack. One can start by remembering these dos and don’ts.

However, the most important thing to remember is to choose something which you feel comfortable with. Forget about frills and characters. Look for something which feels good to you and check if it is indeed worth it.

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